Will You Embrace A Windows Phone 8X by HTC?

The holiday season is just a breath away! And it comes along with buying your love one some memorable gifts or something extra special for yourself as the case maybe. The simplest and could be expensive thing to grab, a smartphone! Now, do you have any idea what to put inside that gift box? Let me whisper what I got for you…sssshhhh… heard about the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC smartphone?

Hmmmm….before you actually stick that jolly card to your special someone, mind if it’s worth the use to it’s user. Giving someone or getting yourself a gadget like a smartphone could be  a bit extravagant for others but it’s up you.

I’m giving you an idea and it depends  if you’re gonna take it.

HTC WIndows Phone 8X

Everyone is talking about having a smartphone. So let me sneak to you about my recent discovery lately. It’s the newest Windows Phone 8X by HTC, obviously with Windows 8 OS. I thought it could be a perfect giveaway for the holidays.

To learn more about this new smartphone, check it HERE.

When I attended HTC’s presscon, I took some notes. Will be sharing these to you:

-It’s a smartphone invented for all people. Everyone!

-It’s the most personal smartphone. As you know, you can customize it the way you want it to function.

-It’s a perfect pair for Windows 8 operating system.

-It got LIVE tiles and LIVE apps that lets you pin anything on it.

-It has a KIDDIE corner where you can customize the apps if you let kids play or use your HTC phone. It means, you won’t bother if they  clicked something not so child-friendly.

-It allows you to create GROUPS in their “people hub” feature. So you can put your fave contact or your family or friends or business partners into one GROUP and share everything they can relate to.

-You can also create ROOMS where you can share calendars, photos, files, chat messages, etc. A user can create 5 rooms utmost, while one can be a member up to 10 rooms.

-It offers you some SKYDRIVE functionality, where you can store files, music, photos into the cloud.

-It comes with a BEATS audio amplifier so your sound experience is at best!

-For the battery, it could last for 42 hrs for music usage, 9 hrs for video, and 16 hrs for talk time.

-It has an OFFICE HUB, so it’s perfect for those with WINDOWS-based and Microsoft Office type of softwares.


There you go! May you have a merry Christmas with your family, friends and partners in life!

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