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Cebu Blogger: With the events that have happened in the previous weeks. A very dear friend who is my High School batchmate as well, died because of the complications of cancer. Another close pal and also a business partner has been diagnosed of a certain throat cancer. And they are just literally young individuals, healthy-looking and may still have a lot of dreams to achieve in life. It’s just so depressing and I’m affected emotionally. As I do have occasional skin allergies because it could be as diabetes runs in the family especially with my paternal side that I’m having these skin nuisance.


Anyways, much with the illness blast, I think the struggle to keep ourselves healthy is really REAL! And we should not let it pass a day without doing something. So I thought, I wanted to try to document my quest to a Vegetarian Diet and hopefully Vegan Diet, perhaps, after a year. I will still need to observe my transition if I could make it to that Veganism level.

I’m not trying to lose weight here. My goal is to eat healthy and live healthy.  I still believe eating in moderation is the key to maintain a healthy weight which I believe I am now today.

Although, there are a number of vegetarian/vegan cafes and restaurants here in Cebu. I still prefer cooking my own food. Knowing the ingredients I put in is essential cause I am a very skeptical person and would want to really do it myself (to cook) just to make sure.


Photo grab:

How do you like him preparing your non-meat meals?

Before I start, we have to clearly define, a Vegetarian, a Vegan, a Pescatarian, a Plant-based eater. Folks, there is Google that we can use for that. But here’s what I’ve researched and would present a very simple definition easy to understand (for you).

A Vegetarian is someone who eats vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. On some occasions, they may have dairy products like eggs, milk and cheeses on their diet but don’t actually eat animal meat. And as part of their lifestyle, might still wear products derived from animals like leather bags. 🙂

A Pescatarian is a Vegetarian (refer definition above) but who takes fish meat and other seafoods into their diet for their protein needs.

A Vegan is a person who adopts a certain lifestyle of NOT eating all types of animal meat, animal by-products (e.g. Honey from bees) and dairy products. And they avoid wearing products derived from animals and has a strong belief that humans should avoid the exploitation of animals and that they should be free like human beings. Thus, they only eat purely vegetables, fruits, and any plant-based derivatives.They uphold to a certain philosophy of VEGANISM (just Google it).

A Plant-based eater is someone who eats WHOLE, plant foods (in their original form) like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and pulses. Doesn’t eat all types of animal meat including dairy products and other animal derivatives like honey but may not uphold to a certain philosophy of VEGANISM. It means, they might still wear or use products derived from animals like fur coat or leather wallets.

So based on the definitions above, I can call myself a Pescatarian and a Plant-based eater. Why? I’m a plant-based eater but still eats tuna for my protein needs. I still eat shrimps and other seafoods. However, I’m totally ditching dairy products and poultry as well as pork and beef.

And now, we can move forward.

I’m now getting serious to be a Pescatarian and Plant-based eater. Though, I have always been as I occasionally eat animal meat and other processed food before but not on a daily basis. Safe to say, I had a vegetarian diet at least 3-4 times a week for the past 5 years. So I guess, this transition would be a bit easier. We’ll see!

Today (September 17, 2017), marks the official date I’m changing a diet lifestyle. Well, I literally started yesternight’s dinner. But this brunch is the marker spot. Let’s cut the chase. What I’m having?



I’m having brunch and have the ff:

*Slices of whole wheat bread (it’s the only bread for Vegetarians that I found at the groceries in Ayala Mall).
*Guava Jam for my sugar
*Fried lumpia (made from bean sprouts, carrots, baguio beans, onions, garlic, red bell pepper and tofu)
*Soy Mik (but I only consume like 3/4 of it)
*Slice of ripe papaya (because fruit)


This is healthy fried lumpia tofu in Canola oil.

At least for now, no meat involved. And since I cooked it (the fried lumpia tofu), the taste is really superb of course adding my secret spices!


Just showcasing my papaya

I am eager to know who among here (like the Cebuanos or from the Visayas) who are either Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan or Plant-based eaters. Let’s touch base.


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