The Divine Balladeer

Sitting in an old caquetoire chair, I instantly grabbed a dusty crumbled magazine. As I flipped through pages while also humming whimsically, a familiar voice wheezed through the air. It was him! My heart beats so fast like I’m chasing those tiny mickey mouse at home. While trying to tone down the instant jitters I’m feeling, I managed to keep silent just to be certain on that voice I’ve heard in thin air. No doubt! It’s the divine balladeer. Oh, that moniker is the code I’ve framed for my little fancy obsession of my beloved. *wink* Now, this is the secret I would like you to keep. Ssssshhhh…sistahs!

Deep inside, I want to scream. I can close my eyes but I have to cover the act with the magazine sticking to my face. I made a glance and Mr. divine balladeer caught spotted by my two big brown eyes! I was sitted across to him. That means I got a perfect HD view of my prey. A simple delightful pleasure. That’s what I’m trying to point out.

I don’t know if the room is crowded with people who looked like slaves of technology. Or if I resemble like one of those wooden chairs? He didn’t recognize me avec the neon green shirt that hugged me so tight. Or are the lightings not complementing with my glow? I failed to note, I’m covering my face. That could be the answer! ūüôā


Dream Guy


I got a paper cup¬†loaded with black coffee on my left hand and my mobile phone with a 3.1 megapixel camera on my right. I took a sip of that sweet-bitter tasting awakening drink while I’m trying to sneak a snapshot of some piece of eye candy out from my distant subject. First attempt, not good! I had to feel a short despair with that blurry photo I took. Second attempt, it was more of a miss! It seems the world is joking on me. Someone passed through my front when I hit the click button! I was like in awe of “waaaah”. Little did I know, one stranger is sheepishly watching over me. Can I just have one moment of success in 3 seconds? I’m caught in an awkward situation but the hell I care! For the last try, I can breathe like oxygen is overloading on air! Got a perfect capture. Obviously, a smile painted on my face. And I had another sip of coffee.

Wow! I’ve been staring at him for more than 10 minutes! Can someone slap me? I was mystified when he leaned backwards. Something is protruding! And it is not right! LOL. It’s definitely OK for me! Got a 180 degree-angle from the focal point of his bulge! LOL . I’m thinking if I can play with my little gadget called blackberry and at least capture some great moments that might not happen in the next millennium? ¬†I was lip-biting when I’m about to grab my BB and I saw him staring at me! Our eyes met and I gave an awkward thing called S.M.I.L.E.

Did I just heard my name? Like one is screaming to the top of their lungs? Oh, well, he didn’t! He fleetingly said the casual greeting of “HI”. And its like around 20 to 30 dB only! In other words, a whisper. I have to be courteous and returned back a “HELLO”. The best part is, he signaled if I can join him. Wow, is this a union of our infatuations? LOL…SLAP ME! I gave a second thought that maybe I’m dead and I went to heaven (for ¬†example) and saw my guardian angel flapped his wings with that radiant smile from ear to ear. Sadly, not! Of course, what do you expect then? I joined him.

I can’t believe I’m just a few inches away from him. I can see his tiny pores on his face. The soft baby hairs and his thick eyebrows that made me ooze into happiness. I can smell his manly scent ¬†like I’m moving myself towards him. It smells exquisitely expensive.I’m thankful he doesn’t have a hairstyle like that of Justin Bieber’s but his is clean cut with a brush of clay. It’s like I’m having a coffee-date with my angel sans the wings.













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