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Cebu Blogger: In this little online industry where I’m in, it’s not every day or at any special moment I will get recognized for the efforts (or with less efforts) that I’ve made through my blog or social media platforms. But the impact of such work may have a macro effect to where it is intended to. I may not have the tools to claim the effectiveness of my deliverables but in the eyes of partners, sponsors and fellow media advocates; influence, satisfaction and celerity are timeless qualities of results I provide as a blogger (I’m maybe binge-watching too much pageantry on youtube, thus, a queenly speech). And I believe the recognition is a powerful motivator to better my craft and spread positivity online though my chosen platforms.


There are a lot of existing fellow bloggers, vloggers, instagramers, social media influencers, aspiring yuppy writers and lets not forget trolls who may have made the blogosphere a very busy one. It’s like ‘everything’ nowadays is a competition. Everyone wants fame even up to the most shabby acts. We thirst for being the best but we tend to leave values and social graces to the books. Passivity is obvious to many of us. We love stalking other people’s latest status update, following celebrities and wannabes, and sometimes joining the bashers camp. Oh, how the online community can build up a continent with its billions of users (both legit and fake). It’s challenging to spot  a delicate but genuine lamb out of the flock. We might get surprised of a wolf on sheep’s clothing. Deceit is something the world is beginning to embrace. I think, we should change that! Stop it. *World Peace*



Again, I’m deeply thankful to Megaworld Corporation who has always been very supportive to our causes in our growing blogging organization and also a very prominent collaborator  and partner. To sir Harold Geronimo who never fails to extend his help not just to experienced bloggers but to newbies as well.

I humbly accept the BLOG of the YEAR recognition from Megaworld Corporation given to me during our Cebu Bloggers’ Christmas 2017  Karaoke Night. I appreciate it. Receiving such from the Philippines’ leading property developer, Megaworld Corporation definitely warms the heart.

To my Cebu Bloggers Society family, I’m sharing this recognition with you guys. XOXO and tiny smooches.

If you are curious why I got it, end your doubts, sweet peas!  Read the article I’ve published, Mango Picking at Mactan Newtown

As what they say, “nang dahil sa mangga”



Xie Xie


Thank You

Daghang Salamat


Oh, btw, this guy (below) thinks YOU WILL BE THE next awardee from Megaworld Corporation:


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