I can’t keep my feelings. I may burn-out! Do you want that to happen to you?


Team Hunting

November 15, 2008–Hunting? In Stephanie Meyer’s books, the Cullens (the vampire family) used to do hunting (animals as prey) in the forest for their meat diet! They try to resist sucking blood form humans!   The Cullens While us? The Team Hugawans of MATRIX Wireless hunt in the terraces of Ayala in Giligan’s for our … Continued

Affidavit of Loss (sample)

I never thought that losing something like your company ID might be a headache in the process. You need to submit a formal statement stating the loss of the said thing. And to submit an AFFIDAVIT of LOSS is definitely a requirement. It was too unfortunate that our company is issuing new proximity IDs and … Continued

Coke Zero

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration! My title says so. That’s what I’m feeling for the past days! I simply dropped my mug filled with cold coke zero when I realized my prison break guy went off from me. And my heart starts to bleed with loathe love. How can he do this to me? … Continued


$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration! The OQ can’t help it! One time, I opened my yahoomail. Bang! One of my clients at work happened to make an indecent proposal that filled my inbox with pink roses (so lovely). You got me slippin’, tumblin’, sinkin’, fumblin’. Clumsy cause I’m fallin’ in love, so in love … Continued