Issues about office blues.

Blue Job


OMG! Our Call Certification is near! It’ll be this 25th of May! It’s passed or failed! Doomsday for all my wavemates! Our QAs gonna grade us on how to handle the call and how to resolve tech issues! I’m training for a Technical Support position and all I say is boring and difficult! Argghhh! Maybe … Continued

3rd day!

I’m glad that I was able to drop by here! Actually, I’m so busy with my training in a call center and it’s my 3rd day! As you notice, I haven’t posted my entries for a long a long time… You know… got to concentrate first in my training! Call center life that is! So … Continued

What’s your JOB?

April 03, 2007– Twenty days from now, I will be working in the best call center in the Philippines and in the US. If you want to know where I would work, I’ll tell you later (or you may search on your search engines with the tags). The excitement was just so enormous that I can’t wait to start soon. I know that working in a call center is stressful but I think it depends on the person how he/she handles the job. For me, I consider it as a career option of having the best one!

Am I Insomniac?

Lately, I’m assigned on the graveyard shift! And I just can’t sleep well during the day! Of course, considering that it’s summer and sleeping on daytime would be hard experience for a nocturnal worker like me! Should I take some sleeping pills? Or should I exhaust myself to some tiring exercise routine after getting out … Continued

Mortal Passion

I’m working in an industry that is mixed-up with different personalities. It’s a new fast paced life of a modern day job. That’s the world of BPO! Our company employs hundreds of individuals from all walks of life but of different competencies and skills. Expectedly, you come to work with different human creatures. Some are … Continued