Spending Valentine’s Day With Boo, Joseph Marco

Of course, who else will I snuggle on V-day? Definitely with my handsome boo, Joseph Marco.

From the time I’ve met him, been keeping photo moments of my sugarpie!

We have our ups and downs just like any couple out there. We are human beings, we are vulnerable, we are in love!

Let me share to you our love story…nothing fancy but it’s sweet like sugar caramel syrup.

Please don’t get JELLY ace! He’s just a boy, I’m just a girl-boy whose only mistake is, I opened my heart for him.

Are you ready?


Joseph Marco smile

The first time he saw me, he gave this Million-dollar smile and I melted..

Joseph Marco First Date

The time we started dating and I took this shot of him, of course, we kissed after!

joseph marco shirtless

He was caught off-guard. I found him shirtless. He’s a pretty-boy I’m smitten with.

Joseph Marco with Shirt

The time I don’t want to share him to anyone, so I asked to put his shirt on. We are playing the camera at home this time.

Shopping with Joseph Marco

He bought me those Ipanema slippers for our 1st monthsary. He’s so happy! So am I!

JM Dull moments

The time when we had a fight because of this damn photo! But I forgave him and we kissed after.

Joseph Marco abs

He asked me to take this photo before I run my tongue all over those abs. I did it with some Nutella spread. You should try it on your boo.

Joseph Marco Calling

He never fails to contact me when he is far away! Isn’t it so sweet?

Joseph Marco Watchng My Photos

That day when he is crazy with our photos together on Instagram!

Shirtless Joseph Marco Cosmo

Thanks, MEGA for this. I’m so proud to tell the world how gorgeous my sugarpie is!

Little did you know that he is a hopeless romantic balladeer? He did two song covers for me that gave me instant booze to cloud 9!

Here’s one for Call Me Maybe?

I’m not insecure but yes, I’m Beautiful!


Never thought why I should be head-over-heels of this sweet cute angel that came from the skies above. More years to come for us! 

Happy Valentines to all you!
Share love and always be safe if you think doing something else on this very romantic day!
Disclaimer: This is just my own creative story for Valentine’s day. Any resemblance to real persons is out of my knowledge. Photos used are not my own and I just got them from other sources (Google). Videos used are solely from video creator and not mine. 



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