Rescue A Hero: Corrupt Honest Awake Album Launching

I recently met this Cebuano-based indie rock band known as Rescue A Hero! Their songs got a hint of jazz, blues, hip hop and noise! The group is composed of 4 friends who met and formed the band in mid 2007. They will be releasing their very 1st album this November 26, 2011! Let’s support local bands in helping them achieve their dreams!

What’s different on this band among others? They have recorded their songs in their own bedrooms with the DIY (Do It Yourself) or die mantra. Their music can be downloaded for FREE and can be found on their website: Why don’t you check it now?

I’ve heard them play several times in Outpost, and other gigs in Ayala Center Cebu and other places. I can say, they’ve gone so far! And they produced their album out from their own pockets! So, if you are available and wants to witness them during their first Album Launching on November 26, 2011 (9 pm) at the Outpost 976-B Veterans’ Drive, Lahug (going up to Busay, right side), just be there and experience their music!

Here’s what they say about themselves:

We’re Rescue a Hero! I know what you’re thinking. We’re just another Cebu band trying to make it big in no man’s land. The truth is we’re simply trying to be heard. Money is nice, but we have no illusions of grandeur, no dreams of making millions and living like a rock star. Gone are the days giant music labels swooped in and opened doors. Back then, labels took care of the recording, production and promotion of the music. Now, the big labels are dying. Bands today are forced to fend for themselves. But it can be difficult without asking for help.

We’ve worked very hard for this record. So we ask you to please help us out.

Spread the word.

Aren't they cute?

Hail to the local artists of Cebu who continue to deliver their musical talent in whatever genre of music they can!  Having your support for this band will help them with the inspiration to make more music to be shared to all of you!

I have listened to two songs they have in the album,  “Don’t Be So Sad” and “Above the Asphalt”. I love listening to it all over again. Raping my replay button! If you want to feel my experience, go grab a copy of their album! Be present during the Album launching this November 26, 2011 at the Outpost!



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