Pinoy Feng Shui 2017 For April 05 to May 05

To those who are following my monthly Feng Shui forecast based on the collated information I gathered from my research online and words from Masters of Feng Shui that I know, we will now be facing the 3rd month of our flying stars that covers 5th of April to 5th of May. Let us check if our concerned areas will be affected by inauspicious stars or will we be lucky to have those auspicious stars in our corner.

If you have just read this post, I would advise to read first my previous blog post that relates to the second month of the Flying Star Feng shui (click it). I have explained the 3 lucks that revolves around our lives. It’s important that you know what are these. Feng shui is actually the “Earth’s Luck” that we will be covering here.

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And you have to note the important sectors and locations to achieve and experience the best of Feng Shui. These are where your main door at home is facing, your bedroom, and the corner where you spend most of your time during the day like your workspace.

Monthly Flying star Feng Shui

Again, make sure to back read my previous blog post: so you will fully understand what I’m saying here.

Shall we start now?

Let us focus on the corners or areas where inauspicious stars are visiting or those we consider stars that bring misfortunes and bad luck in our life. It’s important to take precautions in managing or establishing cures where bad Feng shui is affecting such area.

Sectors with Inauspicious Stars



-For the whole year round, this sector is where the misfortune star resides. So expect the worst in it. Take caution, a possibility that you will meet accidents, tragedies, sex-related illness and problems about love. Though the #1 star which is a good star is visiting this sector, it could be overpowered by #5 misfortune yellow stars.  But there might be luck in terms of monetary or work advancement for residents in this area.


  • Hang a Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda to block the misfortune star
  • Carry a double wu lou keychain to protect you from health issues.


  • Carry a Victory Banner amulet to activate the positive influence of the #1 star for wealth luck.

Afflicted sign: Born in Year of the Horse



-two inauspicious stars are on this sector this month. The #3 Argumentative star and the #7 Violent star. So refrain from getting yourself involve in a fight.

-Be watchful of your temper and just take heated conversations slowly.

-A possibility of getting burglared or robbed.

-Health issues for the Matriarch.


  • Carry a Red Eagle keychain amulet
  • Hang an anti-burglary plaque or sticker on your door.
  • Carry a blue rhino & elephant anti-burglary amulet keychain

Afflicted signs: Born in Year of the Sheep/Goat and Monkey



-the deadly #5 Yellow Stars visits this corner that may bring misfortunes to its occupants.

-it’s also magnified by the annual expansion star.

-a possible threat to loss of money, illness, and other disasters.


  • Carry a Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda with you all the time
  • Hang a bejewelled medicine buddha for health
  • Put a laughing buddha in this corner to remind you of happiness and bring harmony in life.

Afflicted signs: Born in Year of the Dragon and Snake



-The #2 illness star pays a visit.

-a possible kidney problem especially for the youngest female member of the family.

-Pregnant women should take precautions when staying in this area too.

-However, you may expect windfall luck too because the heavenly star resides here for this year.


  • Bring a bejewelled medicine buddha.
  • Carry a bejewelled double wu lou with you.
  • Hang a Garuda bird for protection against illness.


  • Hang a Heavenly star to activate all the luck you could get in this area.

Afflicted sign: Born in Year of the Rat



-The monthly #7 violent star flies in affecting this corner. It’s a bad month for residents in this area.

-It joint forces with the annual #2 illness star.

-Avoid getting involve in arguments, misunderstanding conversations, fights, etc.

-Be careful with burglars, thieves, and keep an eye with your surroundings all the time. Always be cautious.


  • Carry with you all the time an anti-burglary keychain.
  • Bring a Wu Lou amulet keychain with you for health protection.

Afflicted signs: Born in Year of the Pig/Boar and Dog


The above sectors are all visited by inauspicious or the bad luck stars for this month. So if you have a main door, bedroom or workstation in these sectors and you’re born under the afflicted sign, you better take this month seriously by carrying or putting cures to drive off all the negative energies that are brought by these stars.

At this time, let us check how we enhance our luck sectors.


Sectors with Auspicious Stars



-The #6 Heavenly star visits this sector this month. So you will experience unexpected wonderful good fortune from heaven! Blessings are definitely pouring.

-Occupants in this sector or those with daily activities in it will receive promising opportunities this month. Could be a promotion from work, a successful sale in the business, or a financial success.


  • Carry with you a heavenly star keychain.
  • Display a 6 big coin in this area to enhance money to come in.
  • For career advancements, carry a 3 flags Victory banner keychain.
  • Display a Polaris North Enhancer figurine.

Lucky Signs: Everyone



-This month is really promising especially for businessmen. Expect luck and future prosperity if you are working in this sector or living in this area.

-Those in the sales and creative industry will expect much financial gains.

-For those who wants to achieve academic success like writers, students, journalist will have a promising month.

-Single individuals will have a better chance to find their luck and romance too!


  • Display a Wealth Granting tree or a figure of 8 wealth enhancer figurines.
  • Wear a rose quartz pendant or ring to attract love.
  • Carry with you an infinity symbol keychain.

Lucky Sign: Born in Year of the Rabbit



-The prosperity star flies in to pay a visit.

-It’s perfect to sleep or have your daily work in this sector due to the plenty of wealth opportunities coming your way. So if you plan to start a new business or apply for a new job, take advantage of this month.

-However, there’s a conflicting annual troublesome star in this sector that could affect children and bring them sickness. Of course, you have to avoid getting conflicts with anyone along the way.


  • Activate your space with an Infinity or prosperity symbol figurine.
  • Carry an 8 Wealth tree keychain with you to attract money.


  • Wear a wu lou necklace for your children.
  • Bring with you a red eagle keychain or garuda bird to ward you off from trouble.

Lucky sign: Born in Year of the Rooster



-The #9 Multiplying star visit this sector and definitely magnifies the annual #4 literary luck star!

-If you are a student, a scholar or trying to pass an exam, this month is for you!

-If you are a member of the academe or say a teacher or a writer or an author, expect to be productive this time.


  • Multiply the effects of literary luck by carrying a 9 rings dragon sword.
  • If looking forward to a promotion, display Victory Horses figurine.
  • To boost love and romance, wear a rose quartz mandarin ducks pair as a necklace.
  • Carry an Education or Scholastic keychain.

Lucky signs: Born in the Year of the Ox and Tiger


These are all the things you need for this month. If unfortunately, the three important sectors are visited by inauspicious stars, all you need is to put the cures or carry them with you especially if you are born under the afflicted sign. On the other hand, enjoy luck, prosperity and all the positivity if the sectors you are in are favored by the auspicious stars visiting this month ( April 05 to May 05).


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If you have further questions, PM me or comment below. And will try my best to answer you. Else, you better get an expert (a Master Feng Shui) for a fee. And that will give you piece of mind.

Crystal blessings to all of you!

P.S. I’m just a Feng Shui believer, reader and fanatic. I’m using this blog to share my personal views and opinions about classical or traditional Feng Shui. I’m not a Feng Shui practitioner or consultant. 



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