Pinoy Feng Shui 2017 For May 06 to June 05

In just a few days from now, we will have the 4th month of our Flying Stars Feng Shui that covers 6th of May to 5th of June to this current year of the Fire Rooster.  You may not know, the stars rotate each month to different sector they may fly but their annual home sector stays so that will still be considered in determining our good luck and bad luck sectors for this monthly coverage.

If it’s your first time reading about it and you first stumbled on this blog post too, feel free to read my previous article about Flying Star Feng Shui (click it) to get a better understanding on how this kind of Feng Shui discipline works. Now, let’s proceed to which sectors we have to avoid or put cures as our first focal need of attention, and then, we check on the auspicious areas of our home or office where we can enhance the good chi for a positive effect in our individual lives.

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In reference to the previous monthly Flying Star Feng Shui post, pls. refer here: so you have a bit of a follow up reading on how stars move.

As what I’ve been telling all the time, we have to give priority with protection first or putting cures if our sectors that are affected by the inauspicious stars.

Sectors with Inauspicious Stars



-This is not a good month if you have most of your office work done in this location as the #5 Misfortune star visits this sector to bring havoc to all occupants. It could bring general “misfortune” and health issues that relates to the stomach. If your bed is found in this area, advised not to sleep in it for the entire month, but if you can’t, there are cures to put on. Avoid risky investments too as you might experience financial set backs with your cash flows.


  • Place a Golden Wu Lou or carry Bejewelled Double Wu Lou for health protection
  • Display a Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda in your room.
  • Carry an Element Balancing Medallion Key Chain

Afflicted Signs: EVERYONE



-The star combination for this month is highly inauspicious! The annual #5 Misfortune star sets in this area and for this month, the #9 Magnifying star could in effect fuel the bad luck the #5 star brings! It could be very unlucky for this month. Females and children tend to be really at challenging situations this time. So avoid putting them on hot spot! Expect stress, illnesses, and a possible financial loss in the business. A possible fire to ignite so beware of leaving candles behind.


  • Hang a Triple 5 Element Pagoda at your main door.
  • Carry a Sun and Moon Element Pagoda keychain with you at all times.
  • You may want to wear a Laughing buddha pendant to channel wealth luck at this misfortunate times.

Afflicted Sign: Born in the Year of the Horse



-Take caution with your health! The monthly #2 Sickness star  joins the #7 Violent star this time and could seriously bring a lot of trouble like illnesses particularly attacking the kidneys, ears and waist areas.  Pregnant women and the elderly like the matriarch of the family should avoid staying at this sector. Also be careful working with sharp metal objects. If working in an office, expect politicking and backstabbing to surface against you.


  • For health, you may carry with you a Gaurda Wu Lou keychain.
  • Display an anti-burglary plaque in this sector.
  • Carry an anti-burglary or a blue rhino an elephant keychain for protection.
  • For additional protection, you may wear a Tibetan Longevity DZi bracelet

Afflicted Signs: Born in the Year of the Sheep/Goat and Monkey



-It might be a challenging month if your main door is facing in this direction or the bedroom is located in this area. The #3 Quarrelsome star visits this month. And the annual #8 Prosperity star could be blocked by this unwelcome visitor! Their might be a clash of opinions and ideas with your business partners, could be a little misunderstanding with someone, a client perhaps? Don’t get gossips get in to your nerves too! Avoid lawsuits and legal entanglements. If possible, settle them when you can.


  • Hang a Red Eagle keychain in your door.
  • Carry with you a Peace and Harmony amulet keychain.
  • Display a Magic Wheel with flaming Sword in this area.

Afflicted Sign: Born in the Year of the Rabbit



-A bigger chance of theft, burglary, missed opportunities and big time disagreements that could lead to fights and major conflicts as the #7 Violent star visits this sector this month. Always keep an eye on your belongings if you are in a restaurant. Be attentive every time you go shopping. Avoid walking alone at night or take extra careful when riding public transportation.


  • Carry an anti-burglary keychain for protection against accidents and burglary.
  • Display a protective pair of blue rhinoceros or blue elephant.
  • Display a Red Eagle to weaken the inauspicious energies.

Afflicted Sign: Born in the Year of the Rooster


The above-mentioned sectors are those visited by inauspicious stars. As much as possible, avoid these areas. If there’s a need to transfer workstations, you better do. But, IF YOU CAN’T, nothing to worry! There are CURES to put on or carry! Wear a Smile 🙂

Note, it is important to determine first the areas in conflict and provide protection before enhancing luck to other areas. Now, let’s check the sectors with auspicious stars or those that comes with good luck.


Sectors with Auspicious Stars



-This sector is favorable for those finding love, especially the singles! The lucky #4 star brings romance and luck this month. So if you’re looking for a relationship, this is the best time, so take advantage of it. Make sure you look very attractive to the opposite sex. And for students who are trying to excel in their academics, could really enjoy the luck that this star brings!


  • Display a Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz pair.
  • Channel love by wearing a Rose Quartz pendant or bracelet made of rose quartz
  • For students or writers, carry a Bejewelled Lou Hun keychain for scholastic brilliance.
  • Give your partner a double happiness keychain. You, both, must have it!

Lucky Signs: Born in the Year of the Dragon and Snake



-It is considered to be the luckiest or most auspicious sector this month with the presence of the #8 Prosperity star. It could bring financial success especially to the youngest male member of the family. If planning to expand the business or getting in a new business venture, this time could be perfect to discuss and plan things out! Those working for the academe, journalists, writers and bloggers might benefit the positive energies of the annual #4 romance and luck star. Talk about limitless success!


  • Display 8 Wealth Trees in this area.
  • Wear some symbol of infinity like a ring, necklace or bracelet.
  • Display Mandarin Ducks to enhance love in the room.
  • Carry any wealth-attraction symbols.

Lucky Signs: Born in the Year of the Ox and Tiger



-Two luck stars are present in this sector this month. So occupants in this area expect a lot of auspicious energies. A possibility of promotion at work. May be an advancement in career and job offerings. A massive wealth increase is definitely poking with you this month. But don’t be too overwhelmed or getting too much of  being a workaholic that might affect your health.


  • Display Trinity horses on your desk or perhaps, your computer screensaver may have that image.
  • Carry a Victory Banner keychain with you.
  • A golden eagle to give your career a big boost!

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Rat



-You must be lucky if your main door is facing in this direction or your bedroom is located in this sector. Expect windfall luck as the #6 Heavenly star flies to this sector. So the blessings from the heavens will definitely pour on those residing in this area. However, with the presence of the annual #2 illness star in this sector, you should definitely have your health on the look.


  • Carry with you a Garuda Wu Lou for health protection
  • Display a Flying Horse 9 Rod Wind Chime.


  • Carry the Heavenly Star keychain with you.
  • Display a Wish Granting Tree.
  • Keep a Polaris Heavenly Star enhancer on display.

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Pig/Boar and Dog


There you have all the AUSPICIOUS sectors this month. Feel free to enhance the chi in these areas to your benefit.


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Crystal blessings to all of you!

P.S. I’m just a Feng Shui believer, reader and fanatic. I’m using this blog to share my personal views and opinions about classical or traditional Feng Shui. I’m not a Feng Shui practitioner or consultant. 




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