Pinoy Feng Shui 2017 For June 06 to July 06

We are getting to the fifth month of our Flying Star Feng Shui. And to give you an overview of it, watch out for the Northwest sector because #5 Misfortune Star meets the #2 Illness Star this month! The combination of the two inauspicious stars could really bring bad luck and worst, death.

Generally, we take Feng Shui in a bigger picture like annual star charts. But it doesn’t end there. Stars do rotate each MONTH and changes locations or sectors. That’s why it is important to still know the monthly flying star feng shui. To get a better understanding of this discipline in Feng Shui, pls. refer to read the Flying Star Chart.


The luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to every member of the family/workplace if the main door or the door most often used of the house or office is located in that particular sector or facing that direction. For example, if your main door is located in the North sector or your property faces North, then every household member or occupant of the office will experience the kind of luck indicated in the North sector for the entire month. So always pay close attention to the flying stars of your main door’s location and facing direction of your home, although the other rooms such as the living room and bedrooms are important too, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. The energy carried in by the flying stars of these rooms only affects people who occupy them frequently.

Again, we have to focus on putting “cures” first to sectors afflicted by inauspicious stars. After, we can start enhancing our space for luck.




Sectors with Inauspicious stars


-As we have said above, this is a bad sector for this month as the #5 Misfortune star and the #2 Illness star are in this sector. So all afflicted signs must be very extra careful this time. Though, in the previous month, this sector is very auspicious. It will attract serious sickness and disaster as well.

-If possible, do not work or stay long in this section. Avoid activating this area with noise and anything that could fuel the bad chi.


  • Hang a 5-Element pagoda
  • Carry with you a Garuda Wu Lou key chain for health protection
  • Carry a protection wheel key chain to protect you from harm

Afflicted Signs: Born in the Year of the Pig/Boar and Dog


-Your luck takes a dip this month as the #7 Violent star visits this sector to bring threats to armed robbery and loss.

-Avoid getting yourself involved with violent people. Or in the work place, get away with troublemakers and gossipers.

-Love and romance may be not good in this sector for now as there is a possibility of infidelity from your partner or spouse.


  • Keep an Anti-burglary key chain with you
  • Display an anti-burglary plaque in this corner
  • Put some Rose Quartz Faithful mandarin ducks for love
  • Wear a Rose Quartz necklace or bracelet too

Afflicted Signs: Born in the Year of the Ox and Tiger


-It will be a bit challenging and stressful month for all occupants in this sector and it could bring a lot of disagreements with anyone as the #3 Quarrelsome star visits this sector.

-Expect possible legal litigations too.

-Avoid any tension in this area and try not to activate the bad chi. So avoid putting plants, using candles or play music or sound in this area. It should be kept silent.


  • Display a Red Eagle figurine in this area
  • Carry with you a Magic Wheel Flaming key chain for protection against law suits
  • Display a coin sword to fight this affliction

Afflicted Signs: Born in the Year of the Dragon and Snake

It seems, there are only 3 sectors to be avoided this month. If you can’t, then it’s best to put or carry cures along with you especially if your sign is afflicted, or your main door is facing the affected sectors or your bedroom or workstation are in the area where bad luck chi is present. Careful not to activate it. It should be left untouched or silent as much as possible.

Sectors with Auspicious Stars


-Even though the #2 Illness star visits this sector, it’s negative effect is “NOTHING” as it creates to a sum of ten when combined with the annual #8 Wealth star. It brings prosperity and abundance in this area! It attracts more opportunities!

-If you plan to get a house, a condo, a property, a car or open a new business, do it this month. Or spend more time planning or working with your financial assets in this sector.


  • Display a Feng Shui Infinity or Figure of Eight figurine
  • Carry with you an 8 Wealth Trees key chain
  • For health, wear a crystal bracelet with wu lou symbol

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Rabbit


-Just perfect for the start of the school year! As this sector is perfect for students, writers, designers, artists and those in the academe as the #4 Romance and Scholastic star visits this month.

-Expect to enhance your creativity and for any scholarly pursuits, this is a perfect time to achieve it.

-Also a good month for those seeking relationships and love too!


  • Carry a golden bejewelled double happiness keychain to enhance love
  • Display Rose Quartz mandarin ducks pair to attract love as well
  • Place a Bejewelled Luohan for scholastic brilliance on your study table

Lucky Signs: EVERYONE


-There will be an unexpected money windfall luck! The #6 Heavenly star flies from the heavens to bring the message of wealth this month in this sector. However, there is a slight issue as the annual  #3 Quarrelsome star is present in this sector. So you have to carry some protection with you as well.


  • Carry with you a Fire Protection Wheel mirror key chain


  • Display a polaris heavenly star
  • Carry with you a Heavenly star key chain or Heaven Seal keychain

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Rooster


-Throughout the year, this sector should definitely be avoided, however, this month, the #8 Prosperity star visits this sector. So, it is a bit ok to take advantage of the luck it brings for this month only.

-Expect financial success and monetary gains in the business and in career as well. It’s nice to boost the wealth feature of this corner, however, the conflict #5 Misfortune star resides in this sector for the whole year. So don’t play much with high risk investments. It is best to keep a protection from money loss and for health as well.


  • Display a 5-Element pagoda still in this area
  • Wear a Wu Luo Pendant for health


  • Display a figure of 8 or infinity symbol figurine to enhance wealth
  • Carry an 8 Wealth trees key chain
  • Wear a citrine bracelet or necklace pendant

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Horse


-The #1 White Star drops by to bring prosperity luck in this area. It also bring good luck to those advancing their careers. But the competition might be strong so you have to wear some protection.

-Avoid sharp objects as it could lead you to injuries as well. Take extra care when handling knives or sharp utensils to avoid any mishap. Make sure to minimize the effect of the bad star here.


  • Display an anti-burglary plaque or a blue-rhino and elephant figurine
  • Wear a Garuda Wu Lou key chain


  • Display a flowing water feature to enhance prosperity
  • Wear a Victory-banner key chain
  • Display a 9 Dragon Kwan Kung for solid support

Lucky Signs: Born in the Year of the Sheep/Goat and Monkey


-This is a perfect time to enhance luck and double your prosperity and wealth advantage as the #9 Multiplying star visits this sector. It definitely magnifies the auspiciousness of the #6 Heavenly star.

-However, the clashing elements would create conflict and health issues between the young and the old. Expect infection in the ear or kidney too.


  • Display Six Smooth Crystal balls
  • Carry a mystic knot amulet


  • Display a 9 rings dragon sword to multiply heaven’s luck
  • Carry wealth granting tree key chain
  • For love, carry a bejewelled double happiness key chain
  • Keep a heavenly star keychain

Lucky Sign: Born in the Year of the Rat

There you have it guys! It seems June is a good month with 6 positive sectors flowing with good chi. You better bring all those enhancers now to maxmize wealth. But, don’t forget the cures for protection (first).


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If you have further questions, PM me or comment below. And will try my best to answer you. Else, you better get an expert (a Master Feng Shui) for a fee. And that will give you piece of mind.

Crystal blessings to all of you!

P.S. I’m just a Feng Shui believer, reader and fanatic. I’m using this blog to share my personal views and opinions about classical or traditional Feng Shui. I’m not a Feng Shui practitioner or consultant. 



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