Pinoy Feng Shui 2017 Cures for March

I am a Filipino, born and raised in Dumaguete and now calls myself a Cebuano (been residing here for almost a decade now) and has a strong Chinese ancestry. My maternal great grandfather is pure Chinese that hails from the old Guangzhou province in China. That makes my mother 1/4 Chinese and me, 1/8 Chinese if there’s such a thing. Irregardless of the percentage, Chinese blood runs through my veins or say, it’s genetics. Too much of it, I am a believer of the classical Feng Shui (based in Ancient China) rather than the Western Feng Shui (influences of the Western countries).

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally means “wind” and “water”. It has something to do with the flow of energy (qi). Whether if one believes it or not, it is there. Energy is there. We can’t see it, but it’s there. We can even feel it. That’s why, I’m not appalled if no one would believe about the power of Feng Shui. We need balance and harmony in our life. That’s what feng shui is. And for those who believes in it, there’s nothing wrong. In the end, we are all after about prosperity, wealth luck, good health and a more positive outlook in life. However, there might be a need for protection.

Personally, as a fan and a believer of Feng shui, I would give more attention on the protection first before enhancing my luck options. I will tell you why as we move along.

If you have read my previous post, it’s about more of a general perspective of Feng Shui 2017. The kind of discipline I’m currently studying, learning and reading is the Annual Flying Star Feng Shui. It has the principles of Yin and Yang. It’s a tool to determine  good luck and bad luck for a particular animal year. 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. And it’s important that we check the specifics on how we apply Feng shui in a monthly basis. As stars change directions or say move monthly. Therefore, we now have the Monthly Flying Star. If we want a more accurate one like on a daily basis, it’s another Feng Shui discipline thought to be Destiny Science and is commonly called the Purple Star Astrology or Zi Wei Dou Shu. It’s known as Chinese fortunetelling. I’ve also read and has practiced it at some point in 2014.

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Importance of the Monthly Flying Star

Feng shui is not just about putting things and symbols and just waiting for luck to shower us with graces and prosperity. No! We have to do our part. Work our ass off. Feng Shui is just 1/3 of our overall luck. As there are three kinds of luck! The Heaven’s Luck (the fortune we are born with) which is what the Christian’s believe as God’s plan and the Buddhist’s as Karma. Easy to say, our destiny. It’s nothing we can’t control. And there’s nothing to worry too, it’s all about doing good “deeds” and we will be fine. However, we have two other lucks. The Man’s Luck is basically us and our actions towards others, situations and opportunities. It’s more about the “free will” we are given. To choose what’s good or bad for us. Whatever we do, it will definitely have an effect on us. The third luck is Earth’s luck which is Feng Shui. And we have to be really careful when applying it. Especially if we are considering the Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui.

Heaven’s luck comprise of 40% of our lives.

Earths’ luck comprise of 35% of our lives.

Man’s luck completes it at 25% of our lives.

We can boost the effects of our Man’s and Earth’s luck together, that would actually sum up to 60% of our lives if we do the math.

If one is born with a “poor” heaven’s luck, then, there’s a need to double more and do Feng Shui as a personal advice.

The Annual Flying Star should be observed at the start of the year of the new animal sign. I have mentioned about sectors and the cures and enhancers in my previous blog post as our guide. But let’s be a bit specific, we have the Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui guide for us to follow.

If we search online or read books about Feng Shui, we will often see information about a yearly guide. Basically, it’s just an overview. Again, Feng Shui changes from time to time. So if we worry about building a house in the west, or having a main door facing the east is auspicious, let’s not be too confident. Yes, that’s what I’ve learned from Feng Shui experts. As Feng Shui changes from period to period. Which is why, we have the Monthly Flying Star guide to follow.

Feng Shui Important Sectors

There are three main points or sectors that we need to note when applying Feng Shui (traditional Asian way).

  1. Where the Main door faces. Not where the Main door is located. Use a compass to check where it is facing.
  2. The Bedroom.
  3. The sector, corner, or space we often use like our office workstation.


Monthly Flying Star for March 2017

So what will be the most inauspicious sector for this month? Like what I’ve said earlier, we always focus first on the things that needs protection or the sector that needs cure before anything else. This is very important! And let’s be cautious on the THREE IMPORTANT POINTS I mentioned above. If that area affects us because it’s either it’s where our main door is facing, our bedroom or most-used space is located, then, we need to apply Feng Shui cures.



-this is the worst month. Expect all kinds of bad luck from illness, financial loss, disputes, etc. as you have both the illness #2 star and #5 Yellow stars that bring all sorts of misfortunes.

-Avoid making noise or do not disturb this area. And do always take a look at your health.


  • Hang a 5 element Pagoda with Sun and Moon
  • Wear a Hum Pendant
  • Wear a Medicine Buddha pendant
  • Display a Garuda bird for protection

Afflicted sign: Born in Year of the Horse


-another disastrous area. Be careful in trusting people. You might face dishonest, disloyal and troublesome peers. Possible you might get swindled too! You are prone to frauds and scams. Ladies should be extra careful.

-unfavourable for pregnant women.

-always think of love and understanding rather than involve yourself in a fight or minor conflict.


  • Bring an anti-burglary keychain with rhinoceros and elephant to ward off thieves of all kinds.
  • Wear a Rose-quartz crystal to exude love and romance
  • Display the star of David crystal balls in the corner

Afflicted signs: Born in Year of the Sheep/Goat and Monkey


-this is not a good corner or sector this month if you wish monetary gains. A possibility that you will encounter financial loss.

-also not good for children to be sleeping in this area.

-Pay attention to your health as you might experience illnesses.


  • Hang or carry with you a 5 element pagoda with sun & moon keychain
  • Bring a golden mantra keychain
  • Activate the wealth energy with some Mystic knot coins or bejewelled 8 doorways Stupa or any money symbol
  • Put an infinity symbol figurine
  • Carry  Wu Lou or health symbol keychain

Afflicted sing: Born in Year of the Rabbit


-Expect conflicts and disagreements to ignite if your bedroom is located in this sector. It could lead to a possible lawsuit.

-Married couples should at least AVOID fighting this month.


  • Display a red eagle figurine or carry a keychain to fight the quarrelsome star
  • Carry with you a ten hum keychain to ward off lawsuits
  • Display the flaming wheel figurine in this area
  • Wear a rose quartz pendant as a symbol of love, romance and harmony for couples

Afflicted sign: Born in Year of the Rooster


-The monthly violent star #7 is here this month. It could bring a lot of stress, fights, argument and conflicts.

-If you often use the center space of your office or home, better do stuffs at another corner not afflicted by the bad luck stars.

-Everyone at home or in the office could be affected with wealth loss or a possible robbery.


  • Wear an Anti-burglary amulet
  • Display the rhinoceros and elephant figurine
  • Wear a jade pendant to enhance the flow of money
  • Display the Victory banner or flag to activate wealth energy and bring triumph over business competitors

Afflicted: EVERYONE


-The quarrelsome or troublesome star is here this month. So you know what to expect!

-To prevent aggravations, avoid getting in conflict with anyone especially in the office.

-Women will also be affected with the illness energy


  • carry a red eagle keychain or a flaming wheel keychain
  • carry a good health keychain or a bejewelled double wu lou keychain
  • Display a garuda wu lou figurine

Afflicted sign: Born in Year of the Rat

So these are the sectors above that are afflicted by the inauspicious (bad luck) stars this month. And again, if our main door is facing in any of that direction, bedroom, and most-used space is in that sector, I would advise to at least remedy our space with these Feng shui cures. Yes, that important!

After we have figured out what sectors that need protection, it’s about time to enhance the sectors where our luck is!

Are you ready?

Sectors with Auspicious Stars


-This is a good month to invest in property! Or you will have luck in career and business.

-However, there is a minor health issue you might encounter due to the presence of the illness #2 star in the Annual flying star chart. So you will have to have a cure and an enhancer.


  • wear a jade kwan kung pendant
  • wear an infinity symbol ring
  • Display a bejewelled mystic knot


  • carry a garuda wu lou keychain or a good health amulet

Lucky signs: Born in Year of the Pig/Boar and Dog


-If you are a student and is aiming for academic success, do your homeworks in this sector.

-If working, you will be surprise to a possible promotion

-If you are a writer or a blogger with a main door facing in this direction, you will have to enjoy all the benefit you can get.

-For those in love or married, will have a marital bliss and full of love this month!


  • Carry the Luohan of Scholastic Brilliance
  • Couple should wear each a double happiness pendant or carry a keychain
  • Display Rose Quartz mandarin ducks to activate love and romance

Lucky signs: Born in the Year of the Ox and Tiger


-Expect windfall luck this month. It means Heaven’s luck!

-If you want to enhance your wealth and be successful in business, take advantage of this month.

-However, you have to be wary of some minor arguments between family members especially kids against their parents or some issues might arise against inlaws.


  • Wear a citrine bracelet or jade bracelet
  • carry the peace and harmony keychain with you all the time
  • Display a money tree
  • Hang a heavenly star or display a polaris North star enhancer.

Lucky signs:  Born in Year of the Dragon and Snake

There you go, those who are thought to be “lucky” this month are those (considering the 3 important sectors) living in the Auspicious sectors and should definitely take advantage of it when they can. For the succeeding months, could be a bit challenging or who knows, might be the same. Will keep you posted!

In summary, we don’t need to get all enhancers or cures in a monthly basis (which is very important) if our main door, bedroom or most-used space is not afflicted by the inauspicious (bad luck) stars. However, there’s a need for us to consider the Annual Flying Stars. Again, only if the 3 points or sectors are afflicted. And if our animal sign is also afflicted in an Annual perspective.

Feng shui is also different from person to person depending on the birth month, time of birth, animal sign, and the elements of each sign. That’s why there’s a need to consult a Feng Shui expert or master that has specialization depending on what discipline in Feng Shui they have license to or/and is well-versed.

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If you have further questions, PM me or comment below. And will try my best to answer you. Else, you better get an expert for a fee. And that will give you piece of mind.

Crystal blessings to all of you!

P.S. I’m just a Feng Shui believer, reader and fanatic. I’m using this blog to share my personal views and opinions about classical or traditional Feng Shui. I’m not a Feng Shui practitioner or consultant. 



I'm Queer and just love to share my views of how I look at life as well as sharing what I know to the world. Likewise, getting in touch to the happenings in the other parts of the globe. Let's get blogging!

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