My Night of Fame

February has always been my top 2 favorite month—my top 1 is December (of course)—and it’s my birth month with a lot of special occasions to celebrate. To mention, Valentine’s day (epic fail for this year) and Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Anniversary (been lucky though).

Blogging as it is known today has become an outlet of my literary works.  I used to write poetry, short stories, essays, haikus, doodles on pad paper—the times when internet is for school and available in internet cafes only. Yes, I’ve been engaging the blogosphere since 2005! Until today, I’m still in long relationship with it.

Recently, our premier blogging group called Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. just had our 5th Year Anniversary and we dubbed our event as the first Bloggers Appreciation Night.

So much for the info, that night I glittered like a shining star winning an Oscar’s or Grammy’s!

I’m a recipient of the Loyalty award (yeah, dedicated-much?) and a special president’s citation for my arduous service to the group (feeling much?).

Not to brag, but I think I deserve it! LOL

Below is a photo with my once-in-a-lifetime blog trophy from CBSi and I bet you should be jealous of me:

 Cebu Blogger Awardee for Loyalty

Looks like a winning star! Don’t you think?

And I also can’t help to tell you that I won in a raffle! Well, just a hotel accommodation for two courtesy of Harolds Hotel in Cebu (the premier business hotel). I bet this time, you should be very envious of me!

Now, I’m thinking to select from my “boytoy” collections, picking the lucky guy I’m gonna spend the night with. Who could it be? Would you like? Let me know!

Betcha, form your lines baby boys! Let’s start to pull those pants down! Hahaha

But before you go, I will ask you to check this video (below) and it will tell you why we are getting stronger through the years!


 The Cebu bloggers at its best!


Here’s the class photo for batch 2013. Find me if you can! Too bad, some of them are so bitter that they have to hide me.  Too much beauty is bad for photoshoots! I think, I would agree. *kidding*


Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. 2013

 The different faces of CBSi


Now you’ve seen it. I don’t want to bore you.


Have to go, bitch!






Photo credits: clickphotoclub



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  1. Kenneth Trangia Reply

    congratulations .! ^_^ you’ve done a good job for sure for receiving such award from of the most outstanding blog site here in Cebu. Three thumbs up bitch.! eheheh

    Careers in Cebu

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