Montebello Villa Hotel: Cebu’s Only Garden Hotel

In our present times where we live in concrete jungles, seldom or not we can find an oasis or lush green garden at the heart of the bustling Visayan metropolis. Situated nearly at the IT park hub is Cebu’s only garden hotel, Montebello Villa Hotel. And I would like to share with you my experience in my swift stay here. I had a great time and I would highly recommend it to both local and international tourists for a worthwhile accommodation.

For 44 years, Montebello Villa Hotel maintained its tradition as a classic upper-class country house owned and run by the Alvarez-Borromeo family. They showcased their genuine Cebuano hospitality right at the receiving area. Though traditional, expect contemporary facilities and service from their friendly staffs.

I’m so glad that me and my fellow Cebu Bloggers have a special treat for an overnight stay experiencing what Montebello has to offer to its guests. So here’s my story…

Upon arriving, they served me refreshments. Just apt as I was really thirsty. A few minutes after, I was brought to my room. They totally exceeded my expectations. I thought I would be staying a single room with a king-sized bed, instead there were 2 queen-sized bed that greeted me. I thought, I could bring my close friends for a good overnight stay.




Hours later, they came knocking at my hotel door with 3 delectable sweet treats (crinkle, cookie, and moist brownies. Of course, fruits were already there when I arrived so I took a bite of that ripe banana.


Came dinner time, we decided to wear white and a long-dining table was set before us. We were dining at the poolside. Just adjacent to the famous CABANAS that Montebello have.


Both traditional and contemporary cuisines were served. We had Buffalo wings, Pizza Marinara, Pepperoni Pizza, Montebello Beef Burger (so good), Pasta Rigatoni. For the Montebello tradition menu, we had Cocido Español, Callos (muy favorito), Lengua Estofada. We also had pork skewers, grilled pork belly, Monte pork spare ribs in Barbecue sauce. For desserts, we lavished on Mango Pandan, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Moist and Leche Flan.

Right after dinner, our group had little private time and Montebello were so generous for us to use their Cabanas for our BOT meeting. The Cabanas were designed to pay tribute to Montebello’s heritage of a classic “country club” style canopies. Oh, btw, we enjoyed an unlimited booze of alcoholic drinks ’til 12 midnight.

I had a very cozy sleep in my room, energised to face the next daylight. Too bad, I was not able to join the early morning yoga session but my other colleagues were. At breakfast, we started with a healthy kick of yogurt & granola + mango bits, porridge with Banana Compote, Broccoli and Feta Omelette with Toast, Eggs benedict with smoked salmon. Of course, they served contemporary breakfast as well.





We had a very late lunch as we requested as we needed much time of space for another gastronomic journey. Their food is really delicious and you will certainly have a good deal when you dine at Montebello. They always introduced healthy options with us for lunch and we started with their mixed vegetables, fruits and nut with honey balsamic dressing, Pesto pasta with Candied walnut, Grilled chicken in tortilla wrap, pan grilled salmon with pineapple salsa. And some specialties at their La Terraza were Gambas Al Ajillo, Friend Vietnamese Spring Roll (I love this), Calamares Fritos and Seafood Truffle Pesto Pasta.









A meal is not complete without desserts and we were so gracious to these satisfying treats of creamy temptation, Ube cheese cake (highly recommneded), Monte Lava Truffle Ice Cream (yummy too) and Chocolate Crunch Mousse Bar.






Also at the Poolbar, you can savor these cold beverages of Mojito Mania (Flavors of Mango, Cucumber, Blue and Watermelon), Beers (San Mig Light, San Mig Pale Pilsen, Redhorse, San Miguel flavored beers) and House Red and White for wine enthusiasts.

Let me also share these information with you:

For those working in the BPO industry, avail their Every Day Happy Hour from 11 pm to 6 pm where you can buy 2 take 1 on local beers and enjoy cocktail selections as well as picapica dish at ala carte rate.

For BPO, Teachers and Government Employees, you can enjoy a garden breakfast buffet at Php 299 net/person.

Php 500 net/person includes buffet breakfast and whole day use of the pool. Each employee can bring up to 2 of their colleagues.

For Day-use + F&B, Php 500 net/person during weekends and Php 450 net/person during weekdays that includes Php 300 F&B consumable.

For Day-use + Room, Php 1,799 net for a maximum of 3 persons with Php 200 F&B consumable.

Here are some snap shots on this Cebu’s only garden hotel, Montebello Villa Hotel








Here’s a short video in a nutshell featuring my swift overnight stay at Montebello Villa Hotel:






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