Moalboal & Side Trip Adventure

Cebu Tours: In my 9 years of living here in the beautiful island of Cebu, I have yet to discover a lot of things on its secret nature wonders it has to offer. Cebu as an island is already rich in culture, history, food as well as tourists spots. Being known for its wonderful beaches, falls and flower farms, both local and foreign tourists would engage and dream to experience and see it in person. And to officially start my Summer 2017 with a bang, I’m lucky to be with friends traveling and exploring Moalboal and its nearby attractions which I will give details on it as we move along.

Cebo Tours Lens Flare

Here’s our adventure story…

When the clock strikes 2:30 AM (yes, that early), it’s the sound to get up and pack up to our assembly place in Asiatown IT Park (Lahug, Cebu City). We head straight to Jollibee (open for 24 hrs) to eat the earliest breakfast we could. I just had my rice meal for take out though. The pack is complete around 4 am on board an L300 van courtesy of Arlei Travel and Tours. We hit the road going to Carcar city towards South of Cebu.

Carcar City

Our first stop of the trip is Carcar city which is approximately around an hour of travel from the Visayan metropolis. It is known as the Heritage city of Cebu, the shoe capital of the province and famous by two of its delicious delicacies, the lechon (roasted pig) and chicharon.

You can never proceed to the next point of destination just passing-by Carcar without tasting their crispiest lechon! So we bought a kilo of it for our lunch when we reach Moalboal.


At this point, our base station is now Carcar. Since it has a city rotunda, in going to our destination, Moalboal. We took the Barili highway. We arrived at HK beach resort in Moalboal at approximately 2 hours of travel from Carcar. At around 8 AM, we have now loaded our things to our “bangka” (pumped boat).

Cebu Tours MoalBoal

Moalboal is known for its diving spots, coral reefs, sea turtles (pawikan) spotting, dolphin watching, sardines, colorful fishes and Pescador Island.

Below are snapshots of our fun marine escapade in Moalboal.

Our “bangka” parked somewhere in the middle where we could find those wonderful coral reefs and the living creatures in it. It’s impressively beautiful! See it for yourself.

Cebu Tours Diving in Moalboal

Cebu Tours Group Diving

Cebu Tours Snorkeling

Cebu Tours with Arlei Travels

Sardines Diving

I never thought I could be diving or swimming along with thousands or perhaps, millions of sardines. I’m a bit scared but I fought back my fear and experienced everything wonderful with the sardines, of course with my life jacket on.

Cebu Tours Sardines Diving in Moalboal

Cebu Tours sardines diving

Pescador Island

The weather was a bit gloomy when we went to Pescador island but that didn’t stop us in enjoying the view down under. Snorkeling in Pescador island is a must-try for beginners! If it’s your first time like moi, go grab the opportunity! Our bangka captain, Manong Dodong assured us our safety. Plus, we have our life jackets on. I know how to swim and float but still not that confident in the middle of the ocean.


Cebu Tours Pescador Island

We also had our lunch in the bangka too when we checked our watches, it’s time to feed our hungry tummies. Yes, we were able to have freshly grilled fish and pork in the middle of the sea! Amazing, right?

Before boating back to HK Beach resort, we had our last snorkeling stop along the route and the view didn’t disappoint. It was indeed an ocean masterpiece of living creatures.

Malabuyoc Hot Spring

At around 2:30 pm, we thought to get ready for our next adventure which is trekking our heels to the hills of Osmena Peak. However, the weather is not cooperating so we thought of another side trip plan. And Malabuyoc Hot Spring came into mind. It’s just a few minutes away from Moalboal. Though not part of the original plan, our visit to the hot spring is all worth it!

Cebu Tours malabuyoc hot springs

We took a soft plunge into the steaming pool of spring. It’s definitely muscle relaxing! What a perfect last stop after our “extreme” marine adventure in Moalboal.

Milk Station in Barili

At around 5:30 pm, we helped our ass out going back to Cebu city. At 7 pm, we had a quick ice cream break at the Milk Station in Barili. I took the cheese-flavored ice cream while others had ube-flavored all made from pure cow’s milk. Oh, the simple pleasure of delight along the road trip.

San Fernando Baywalk

To culminate our provincial tour, we head straight at San Fernando Baywalk for dinner.


It was indeed a day full of fun and adventure with friends. My special thanks to:

Jes and Arianne of Arlei Travel and Tours for setting up everything from transportation to accommodation to food to documentation.

Visit them here:

Contact them through these outlets:

Globe : +639177770045
Sun Celullar : +639425570141


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