Mango Picking at Mactan Newtown

Cebu Blogger: The world knows that the Philippines is a country known for the sweetest mangoes in the entire universe and definitely can be found in CEBU! While in the old times, the Visayan metropolis has a place known as “Mango Avenue” existent even up to this date (but no more real mango trees). However, due to urbanization, not a single mango tree can be seen in the said location. And so I’ve heard that the Mactan Newtown  in Lapu-Lapu city wants to have their own “Mango Avenue” and of course with real mango trees.

I literally went to the venue to pick Mangoes from the tree itself! And it’s definitely fun! I’ve captured the moment!


I felt honored to take part of their very first harvest of mangoes since they planted it like 8 yrs ago (2009) with around 245 trees along the Newtown Boulevard, out of which 210 survived and currently, 81 trees successfully bearing fruits. Below are photos of our mango picking endeavor. It’s a bit nostalgic (for me) reminiscing my childhood memories when I used to pick mangoes at our very own backyard in Negros.


“It was the idea of our chairman, Dr. Andrew L. Tan, to really grow mango trees in the township because Cebu is best known for its mangoes,” reveals Noli D. Hernandez, president, Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc.


That’s me! Feels like a kid again! More fun!


These mango pickers are ready for you!


Our team is the first to fill this basket with freshly picked mangos! We won, definitely!


Mr. Noli D. Hernandez, (President, Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc) in-action.


Check this video to see how fun it is to pick mangoes at the Mactan Newtown:



Furthermore, according to my source, this very first harvest has already produced around nearly a ton of mangoes (900 plus kilos). That’s a good number btw!

And here’s one more thing, Megaworld (the developer of the Mactan Newtown) plans to launch their own “Mango Festival” perhaps, to start next year, 2018. It could be an added tourism attraction for the city of Lapu-Lapu. They are also looking at another fun activity for tourists to have an opportunity to pick mangoes themselves at the Newtown Boulevard. I’m sure a lot of both local and foreign tourists will look forward to it. Currently, harvested mangoes are sold at the Mactan Alfresco.


Goes so well with bago-ong!



So what do you think of this idea of a Mango Festival? Would you pick mangoes yourselves at the Newtown Boulevard? We would like to hear from you!

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