Macaroons for a Cause from Red Ribbon

Cheers to Red Ribbon, Foundation and Franklin Baker for this notable advocacy and partnership to raise the education availability in the Philippines to a 1-notch level.

Still today, many children are deprived of their right to a basic education. Maybe because of lack of financial assistance. According to a study, around 1.5 million out-of-school youths were recorded in 2011. In 2012, the Philippines is short of about 70,000 classrooms in public schools! Imagine that?!

Red Ribbon Macaroons

And for course, thanks to these three concerned companies and organization who joined forces to introduce Red Ribbon Macarrons for a Cause. Franklin Baker Company is a proud partner as well in providing their leading branded coconut to Red Ribbon.

Since the Foundation is also in partnership with this program, Apl’s presence himself while he graced Ayala Center Cebu’s Activity Center is good enough to satisfy loud-cheering fans of the Black Eyed Peas member.

The group aims to sell 4.2 million packs of “Macaroons for a cause” to build the first school of the foundation. Zamboanga is the selected province as the beneficiary of this endeavor. It is said that 600 students will benefit once the school is completed. Thumbs up!

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