Love of Siam (LOS)

Through the ages of mankind, the topic of LOVE is always been a favorite preference of any piece or work of art! Be it romantic love, familial love or friendship love. It’s because LOVE is one of the foundation why we keep breathing and living in this world full of surprises. No matter what medium it is conveyed, the theme of love always moved people. It’s powerful and it’s domineering.



I stumbled one time reading comments on some sites and learned that many Rainbow advocates and supporters had watched the movie: Love of Siam. It is a Thai romantic-drama film. I hope this film would be shown here in CEBU’s prime cinemas to cater our LGBT communities within the locality. It has been part of the Cinemanila 2008’s South East Asia (SEA) Film Competition. There is one scene that is a focal point of controversy (watch video below). It is simply a gay teen romance of two teenage boys (Mario Maurer as Tong and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul as Mew) but the film’s story revolves around the value of friendship, loving and being loved, family’s quest for unity of a loss member, separation and loneliness, identity crisis amidst affection, obedience of a son and protection of a mother, camaraderie and understanding of friends, musical talent and how gifted the young of today, infatuations and unrequited admirations as part of teen life, the many diversities of emotions, and of course, the right to choose the kind of sexual preference you want to be.

“The controversial kissing scene. My fave part. So meek, mild, and sweet. That’s my opinion.” Shhhhh…

Tong: That song. It’s so beautiful. How do you write it?

Mew: Umm. Without you in my life, there wouldn’t be such a song. After hearing it, do you have anything to say?

Tong: I can say this. (He kissed Mew on the lips as his reply)

**Simply sweet. And critics, don’t be too harsh, it’s emotion! You can’t get wrong with it as it is love and affection.**

And the Behind the Scenes on that kissing controversy …

**Pchy (Mew) was surprised by the unexpected kiss by Mario (Tong). CUTE!!! Notably, both their first time to kiss a man as they admit it.**

This movie (written and directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul) was released November 2007 in Thailand and is a Box-Office hit! It’s near November, get a dose of it and share it with your friends and even your immediate family. It has lots of key messages directed to the wide audience. So it’s for all! It’s a societal issue and it’s everybody’s concern. Mind you!

I just downloaded the movie from You can watch it on but the buffering mode might be a hassle for you. I burn dvd copies (with English subtitles) of it for friends. You want one? If you feature my site with this entry, give me a link to it, I’ll check on it and I will give you a dvd copy of Love of Siam. Limited copies folks!!! I’m on a budget. But if there are sponsors, you may send your blank dvds to me! LOL! I have this LOS syndrome that I keep watching it everyday! The most touching part of the movie is near ending when Tong gave a Christmas present to Mew! The nose of a wooden doll that’s missing when they are still childhood neighbors. Just watch the movie! You’ll know why it made me cry!

“As long as you love, you will still have hope. “

Some catch lines in the movie:

Tong: I can’t be with you as your boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.

Mew: Thank you.


Mew: If we can love someone so much how will we be able to handle it the day we are separated? And, if being separated is part of life, and you know about separation well. Is it possible Tong, that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them? At the same time, I was also wondering. Is it possible that, we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all? That’s my loneliness.


You were sound asleep in my arms, I tried not to wake you. Tong. (in a post it message)

Thanks for staying. I hope you get home safely. Mew. (in a text message)

Some Snaphots from the movie:


Other reviews:,,,


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51 Responses to “Love of Siam (LOS)”

  1. Lance Reply

    Reposting my comment..

    (this should be on this post, not on the CBS..sorry)

    i think this is also a good movie..
    i watched another one though yesterday..
    it’s titled ‘bangkok love story’
    it’s so nice.. sad and so true..
    emo naman naman..hahaha
    anyway, try to watch it too..

    X, i have a question..
    asa ko maka buy ug cheap but good quality laptops??

  2. Xerendipity Reply

    think this is also a good movie..

    * It is! I’m addicted to it and been watching it everyday! Obviously, addicted! hehehe

    asa ko maka buy ug cheap but good quality laptops??

    * I bought mine at Accent Micro sa Sm. But you know, X’mas is fast approaching, you can avail of the promos and discounts… Go!

  3. Lance Reply

    i just watched it.. it made me cry and laugh..makarelate man jud ka ani sah??
    this is indeed a great movie..
    dili man xa bastos..
    it’s has almost covered everything about love…

    really great…

  4. Xerendipity Reply

    i just watched it.. it made me cry and laugh..

    I’m moved sa movie. A couple of meaningful scenese still lingers on my hypothalamus. I can’t just take it away. hehehe… attached nakau ko! hahaha

    and i’d like to ditto on sexual preferences! =)

    Right! It’s just acceptance that lacks on other people who are very stereotypical on sexuality. Why can’t they be happy for others’ choice?

  5. Xerendipity Reply

    can’t get over it yet, X….
    it’s so so so…. haaaayyyyy…
    love… hahahah

    You are now having the LOS syndrome! hehehe… I kept watching it all over again. The story is really magnificent and worth to be watched by many! It’s uniquely crafted!

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  7. Wingedman Reply

    My god, it’s a disease. Why is it affecting us so badly! I have a life to live dammit haha!

    Such sweet sorrow compels us to watch at least a part of it, or listen to its songs everyday.

    I’m desperately hoping it will end soon, and yet a part of me doesn’t want it to?

  8. aLps Reply

    I really loved the part wherein Mew told Tong all about his loneliness, about separation.. (Which was paralleled with a scene wherein Tong’s mom is looking for him, assuming that he is lost, fearing separation).. Then Tong did not say anything, instead, he said “Mew”, then he carefully wrapped his arms onto Mew’s shoulders :(. And oh, I’m straight, but that was freakin’ moving :<

  9. Xerendipity Reply

    My god, it’s a disease.

    @Wingedman: The effect is really critical! yeah, but that’s how it dominates our hearts. Because we felt it, because these are feelings, because no matter how we insist not to feel it, it’s real and is existing! The movie just shows that there are different dimensions of LOVE and it could never be wrong as these are emotions. 😉

    I’m straight, but that was freakin’ moving 🙁

    @aLps: If you are really “straight”, having felt it, it means you’re normal. These are uncontrollable feelings and reactions. We are human beings. That’s definitely real to us. It will not change the stereotyped sexuality that many might raised their eyebrows. If you’re moved by that simple scene, you would understand why those Rainbow advocates also fight for their right to love (their way). 😉

  10. luisbatchoy Reply

    I want to bring attention to aex, the gitarista…his character is also touching…nung una, I hated how he goads mew but later on, me saving grace din naman pala sya…he has his heart in the right place naman pala…lalo when he went to mew’s house and asked mew why he always thinks he’s alone… nice movie, sad ending
    oh well….
    xlinks pls?

  11. Xerendipity Reply

    I want to bring attention to aex, the gitarista

    @luisbatchoy: I agreeeee! I like his eyes! Yummy din xa! Hehehe…He quite looks like Wendell Ramos (medjo lang naman…) 😉

  12. Love Story - Official Music Video Reply

    Love Story – Official Music Video…

    Romeo save me they’re trying to tell me how to feel… every time I have watched this video there’s something I have wanted to say and i cant hold off anymore I know its stupid and I’m only 16 but i realllllllllly want my Romeo like right now!!! How…

  13. mike Reply

    i really loved this movie, cannot get it out of my head since i watched it, the story was well written, plus the cast are cute which makes you wanna watch it more, it really is a good movie, making me cry every time i remember it, makes me wish i have my own mew/tong…

  14. Xerendipity Reply

    cannot get it out of my head since i watched it

    @Mike: I guess, you’re now having the LOS syndrome! hehehe… The movie is so addicting that it makes you hard to get over it! Just like me! 🙂

  15. xiali Reply

    i do love the movie. it is the first movie that made me cry… i just hope that both mew and tong could have the courage to stand for their love. they have been apart before and both of them know and feel how they miss each other. as what tang said on the later part that “even if we made mistakes along the way, its better than never having tried to love and be loved”…. and at the end of this movie, i do appreciate tong that he really think of mew. he tried his best to give mew the last piece of that toy- the nose which completes it. tong really wants to make mew happy, i guess its something to do with completeness. and one thing, tong said to mew that he cant be his boyfriend but it doesnt mean he dont love him. and as what the song says that, as long as you love, you still have hope…

  16. Xerendipity Reply

    as long as you love, you still have hope…

    this is one of the famous lines in the movie. Glad you were able to highlight it. BTW, got a nice name in there! I also cried on this movie!

  17. Love of Siam (LOS) | Cebu Bloggers Society - Promoting Cebu Through Blogs Reply

    […] I stumbled one time reading comments on some sites and learned that many Rainbow advocates and supporters had watched the movie: Love of Siam. It is a Thai romantic-drama film. I hope this film would be shown here in CEBU’s prime cinemas to cater our LGBT communities within the locality. It has been part of the Cinemanila 2008’s South East Asia (SEA) Film Competition. There is one scene that is a focal point of controversy (More details after the jump). […]

  18. kenikenken Reply

    Hello All!

    I just bumped into this blog while looking for Rak Haeng Siam shirts for sale online (isn’t this a clear indication that i’m so addicted to this movie, i watch it over and over and over again?)

    My friends call me crazy but it’s comforting to know that a lot of people here actually feel the same way with me about the movie.

    Because of the film, im into this sort of Thai-mania. I now love everything Thai. I even recently stocked on Thai spices and ingredients, intent on cooking Thai dishes every single day if possible.

    If you’re interested, I may whip up some Thai dishes for you and we can listen to the love of siam OST while savouring the Thai flavours.

    Just reply to this post and hope we can all meet soon! (by the way, i live in Lahug, just by the street across JY square – i wish it were Siam square!hahahaha)

  19. Xerendipity Reply

    Just reply to this post and hope we can all meet soon! (by the way, i live in Lahug, just by the street across JY square – i wish it were Siam square!hahahaha)

    @kenikenken: You are just like me! Oh, you’re so near! We could me soon! Just drop me a message! See yah!

  20. chiruruzu Reply

    oh my god!!! i was just browsing the net and came across your blog with the TLOS feature… I was very moved with your review and decided to watch it in youtube… and you were right… the movie is definitely a must-see., anyway i tried to download the whole movie., but i’m having problems with the synchronization of the video and the audio… can you tell me what i’ve done wrong??? thanks and god bless… ^^

  21. Xerendipity Reply

    I was very moved with your review and decided to watch it in youtube… and you were right… the movie is definitely a must-see.

    @chiruruzu: Yes, it is indeed a must-see. Even my guy friends at work do watched it and they also secretly sobbed… i know it. I’ve put the link above on where to download it. Just check it back. So far, I burned dvd copies of it for pals.

  22. eihsad Reply

    i’m addicted to this movie tooo! i can’t understand why.. i love it, but i can’t accept the ending.. hoping for a sequel..

  23. mozimo8 Reply

    Its 243 am in my watch.. just finished watching LOS

    i am so moved…

    i wish i could get a copy of their song gan lae gan for my phone… i dont know where to download it though..]

    hope anyone could help me..

    salamat!!! khap khun khap!!!

    • Aaron Reply

      i think i also have that LOS syndrome…
      @mikel: Eveyone does have it after they watched it! It’s making you sweetly crazy.

  24. dandy Reply






    • Xerendipity Reply


      @Dandy: I think I gave the link down below my entry on where to download the whole movie! In that way, you can have your own copy.

  25. mario maurer Reply

    hi…,i have this TLOS Syndrome as well.,i watched 98 times this movie…,i love this movie…,i hope sana..totoo un nasa QTV 11 ipa2labas ang TLOS dis july.,and hope that un August Band ifeature din sa Myx.,at makapunta din sila d2 sa pinas..,love the movie…the best…,hehe..,even though im str8 and may gf.,and btw..,my gf and i watched this together,.when our friend recommend this movie to watch..we even visit Bangkok, Thailand..just to see the siam paragon, square.,hehe.,where one of the scene of TLOS was shot…hehe..,

    • Xerendipity Reply

      love the movie…the best…,hehe..,even though im str8 and may gf

      @Mario Maurer: That’s cute to see you and ur gf watching it!

  26. ilab202 Reply

    Hi, I watched LOS last night in Singapore where it has just been released in one single movie theater (GV Vivocity Cinema Europa). LOS is rated (M18/Mature Theme) here and mostly promoted in local gay websites.
    LOS was an instant hit for me, I knew I would immediately suffer a major LOS withdrawal syndrome once I would leave the screen room. It’s so comforting to read your blog this morning and realized that I was not alone. Thank you for soothing my feelings.

    • Xerendipity Reply

      It’s so comforting to read your blog this morning and realized that I was not alone. Thank you for soothing my feelings.

      @ilab202: Wow! Appreciate that. ur welcome. I know the movie is really very intensive in terms of it’s message. There’s is hope in love.

  27. ehmkei Reply

    you know what, i was actually kinda late when i watched it for the first time; it was just last monday, November 23, 2009. 🙂 funny thing was, i only searched for a particular line, and accidentally, i’ve found it here! (thank’s btw)
    it’s been 4 days since i finished watching this movie and i’m still going gaga for it. it’s primarily because it keeps running through my head, as in all the time!! i may sound so over-reacting but believe me, it was like poisoning my entire system. i still can’t get over. i know, i’m so dumb for ignoring this film before not knowing that eto lang pala ang makakapagpaluha saken. 🙂 because i don’t get easily attached to a movie (twilight saga is an exception) not until today. i so love this movie, even the characters and how each actors was picked. i’m so into “the love of siam”

    how i wish i could have a copy of it. im still kinda hoping that the links and the torrents are still there, but they’re all gone. i even try to buy of a pirated copy, but i failed. if you don’t mind, please can you send me a copy of it ? im dying to have one. just let me know and i’ll repay you for giving me. 😀 if not, then im sure you have reasons and i’ll try (try? Ü) to understand.
    thanks in advance, sister, 🙂 more power to your blogging career. hehe.

  28. trickery Reply

    I watched this without any idea about its homosexuality issue content.. I am straight so most of the movie were awkward.. and when it got to the kissing scene I was like “WHAT THE HELL….” and no, I didn’t say that because I’m a homophobe.. I said that because I was like “stop it your mom might see you french kissing with a guy Goddamn it!” but all in all, its a wonderful movie.. Tong’s mom performed REALLY well.

  29. ehmkei Reply

    xerendipity: hey, i actually have my own copy na. haha! well, i kinda have a hard time googling it and thank God for Veoh. 🙂

    tnx though for offering..

    ehem, i’ve watched it 4x already. hehe.
    still can’t get over.

    have a nice day.

  30. xianster Reply

    hi… thank God i found your blog.. like the others, im almost 3 years late since i watched this movie first. it has been 4 days now and like others i still can’t get over it. hindi ko nga alam weh.. maybe because the whole story really reflects mine as well. i mean, being lonely,”frighteningly lonely”.. the feelings that you wanted to love and be loved… i really hate the last part.. why does it have to end that way? i mean, yeah considering the things that had happened, is it really that bad if Tong won’t accept Mew in his life? it might be wrong yeah but… hahay… that part really made me cry… as in CRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…. for 4 days now… d pa ako mkapag move on…. why? T_T the movie really reflects how some people struggle about their sexual preference… naiiyak na nman ako!!!!

    sana may LOS II… i want it badly T_T

  31. NooBy Reply

    it hurts! as much as possible i avoid watching the movie…i just watched it twice yesterday

    im finding the courage to not watch it again…
    its depressing…if only i knew what the ending would be then i would have just stopped watching up to the kissing scene!…ack

    i think there would never be a movie like LOS and i hope if they ever make a movie similar to this…they will also think of the viewers feelings, how could u hurt me like this what did i ever do to you?!….wahahaha


  32. NooBy Reply

    Im not thankful for what you did to me…

    u added bitterness into my life!

    this is what i get for being single for twenty freaking years!…

    I just wish that God can get me off this sorrow

  33. jessie Reply


    can anyone give me a copy for TLOS i will buy it even if you already used it.i can’t download it.


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