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A week ago, I have the chance to sit with executives and I learned a lot of things that I’m so happy to share with you. First, let me introduce the TOP 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines! Second, are there more jobs created here in Central Visayas? And a lot more of important stuffs you need to know about hunting jobs on

Below is an infographic that shows the Highest Paying jobs you can land on. Take note of the different categories.





* Highest PAID is Legal Services with an average of Php 22,000


With 1-4 Years of Experience



* Highest PAID are engineers in the OIL and GAS industry with an average of Php 40,878


For Supervisors / 5 Years Experience and above



* Highest Paid are IT manager with an average of Php 55,000


For more information, pls. visit:

__________ has branches in 8 key countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) and their main office is in Malaysia.

It is said that there are over 22,000 companies that registered with JobStreet in the Philippines that provide 77,000 jobs nationwide.

To date, there are 4.5 Million jobseekers with and is continuously growing in the Philippines (post created June 2013).

It has been existing for 13 long years! Beat that experience!

It is said that 80,000 jobs online are created daily.

Central Visayas region have grown 133% of jobs posted compared to the total jobs posted nationwide at 23% growth. Cebu itself is been the leader in providing jobs to a lot of jobseekers!



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