Is Globe Telecom Leading?

In our present times, almost all of us have mobile phones and not just phones but these are devices that allow us to have Internet access wherever we are. We need to be a subscriber to a telecom network to do that. So, from the 3 major networks we have here in the Philippines, what works best? To mention, Globe, Smart Communications, and Sun Cellular Network.

Recently, I get the chance to check out on Globe’s network upgrade to their system, equipment, and services for that matter. I found that they are actually building a brand new network for their subscribers.  Seriously? How is this going to affect our internet connection experience? Well, I can’t answer for you but I’m a subscriber of Globe’s broadband and I can’t recall the last time I called their customer’s service hotline to complain any connectivity issues. So I guess, they are just doing fine for me. How about you?

Based on Globe’s statistical data, text messaging traffic slowed down, unlimited voice call is expected to rise and soon to bombard traffic, mobile data or broadband! With these revelations, there is a need for modernization in how subscribers use mobile data services and internet.

Globe has effectively replaced their infrastructure almost all over the Philippines and it is believed to be future-proof LTE ready. Now, with the advancement of technology from 2G to 3G to 4G LTE, any telecommunications company should definitely prepare for it. Of course, for subscribers’ satisfaction.

Are we expecting a faster surfing and downloading experience in the next months to come? In Cebu, by first quarter of 2013, all facilities and equipment of Globe will be all set for this thing called network modernization.

For those who are using tattoo sticks to connect online, Globe promises their Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband network to give subscribers with the fastest internet speed. As they say, speed up to 42 Mbps. It’s that an overstatement? Well, that depends on your experience. Let’s all look forward to that.

Will Globe disappoint us?  Share your comments below.



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