Crushpoint: Rene Mayo

A month ago, this super gorgeous creature is flooding my news feeds on facebook when his youtube video on Psy’s Gentleman (cover) went viral. Of course, who would want to disregard a good-looking stud doing a sexy-dance move right in front of your screen?! Surely, you hit SHARE or LIKE or comment a very mouth-watering message at an instant. *wink


I can’t believe! After a month, I will be featuring him in my blog. Nature is calling me to share them with you.


Ladies and Ladyboys …. uhmmm…boyz?… Raise your legs, eh, hands for RENE MAYO.


I’ve searched all over the net for his photos. And I’m telling you, he is such a turn-on!

He is like a piece of meat any hungry mobster will devour. ^_* He is loaded with testosterone and every girl could just wish him to impregnate them and those girly lads only dream of a chance of “french kissing” with him or even more!

Raise your legs if you do! Hahaha


Now are you ready for my treats? Don’t worry sweet peas! I’m willing to share them to you.


Beware of LICKING your SCREENS!!!


Rene Mayo Shirt

He is a lil’ “selfie” here.



Rene Mayo Lying down

I’m interested on what’s down under if we rotate this photo



Rene Mayo Window

If the guy next door in my townhouse is as gorgeous as him, I would prefer staying home than shopping.




Rene Mayo Bed Shot

Oh sweetie, I can make you breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner for a lifetime! Swear!



Rene Mayo Shorts

Oh honeybee, don’t give that stare! You’re making me WET!


Rene 71522 cropped

This reminds me of our JUSTICE symbol in the Philippines, I wouldn’t mind creating a crime for him. All for lust!

Rene Mayo Brows

I don’t know but it tickles me to the bones! I don’t think I can do that brow raise either!

Rene Mayo Dimples

With a dimple and some bicep show! Just that! I will melt like those unsweetened butter that Rachel Ray loves using!

Rene Mayo Bed

Oh, I wouldn’t think twice being his bottom. LOL *censored*

Rene Mayo self

Oh boy, I can volunteer to hold that camera for you! Or help undress you?

Rene mayo wet

This is the best photo for me, he is like a DEMIGOD from the SEA! Be my poseidon!

Rene Mayo Pits

Relax2x lang pag may time ang peg!

Rene Mayo night

This is like “let’s go skinny dipping” kind of photo.

rene mayo beach

He is OOZING!!! Yes! OOZING! I ran out of words to describe him. I’m definitely salivating.

Rene mayo hot

Those abs makes me wanna >>> spread my legs! hahahaha

Rene Mayo

I rather ask him to take off his shirt every time we dine out! *wishing*

Rene Mayo Gentleman

It could be the brow, the smile, the turquoise short, or the bulge?!

Rene Mayo Eyes

This goes straight to my desktop background! The power of visualization! Beat that!

So thank me for spending time looking for RENE MAYO!

Parang i-MAYOnnaise mo ako RENE! hahaha

And the much awaited cover of Psy’s Gentleman, I’m bringing you Rene Mayo‘s video:

It’s ok to be sinful! 

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Spread the LOVE virus.


obnoXious queer


Disclaimer: I don’t own the photos and the video posted in this post. I just found them in what we call GOOGLE! So spare me from the accusation of stealing. Peace. I’m just a fan of Rene Mayo and he is my crush and this is my blog. So what’s wrong with that?

To Rene Mayo, I thank God for creating you. 🙂



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