What’s A Unique Wedding Giveaway Or Souvenir?

Cebu—For those who are planning to tie the knot of love and fidelity in marriage, there is one thing you need to consider aside from the bride’s wedding gown — the wedding favors or wedding giveaways.

Seriously? Yes!

We always want to please everyone, our guests. It’s one way to tell them how we appreciate their presence for attending one of the most precious moments of our lives, our wedding.

Cebu Wedding Giveaways Pouch

I strongly suggest that you have something UNIQUE and USEFUL. It’s the new era! It’s about time to think forward and be really explorative. It’s time for REBELLION! I’m not promoting or waging war but let’s be playful.

I’m not a fan of those ‘traditional’ wedding souvenirs. No idea? What comes to mind are those figurines, fancy native stuffs, etc. Got it? Yes, they are cute and really ‘common’. But the truth is, they will end up in dusty shelves and will sit there for decades or worse, be just thrown away!

Any ideas on what wedding giveaway that is unique and different?

If you want my honest opinion, I’ll give my guests some of my favorite perfumes with a special label on it (see below):

Customized Perfume as Wedding Giveaways


It is simple but elegant and classy! I want them to remember that when they spray it, they will reminisce that special day.

If you are having a beach wedding, one perfect giveaway idea could be surprising your guests with a pack of linen sprays, massage oils, ache balm and some soothing perfumes. Isn’t that fit for the venue? Or perhaps, add a bottle of anti-mosquito spray to the bag?


sample of Linen Sprays


Where can you get these packages?

You may choose, select or customize your own items as wedding giveaways in this LINK. Click it!


Lucky for those in Cebu or living in the near-by towns or islands, you can book a meeting with the perfumer of Sweet Orgasms and have a custom-made scent or perfume exclusive for you! That’s a jackpot, sweetie pie!

Don’t just settle for less! It’s your wedding day! Savor it. You can wish to have everything perfect! Be unique, be you, be classy! Don’t treat your wedding giveaways or favors a minor thing.


Another option you can give is to give out WINES!
We do own a wineshop here in CEBU. It’s Dolce Casa Wines which is an exclusive distributor of authentic Italian Wines.

For more details on how you can give wines as giveaways or souvenirs, check out this article: http://www.obnoxiousqueer.com/cebu-wedding-souvenirs-and-photo-booth/




obnoXious queer


P.S. You can never go wrong with my recommendation! Swear! Ooops, don’t forget to invite me on your wedding day! 🙂






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