CarbTrim Ice Tea Mix-My Personal View

Well, I’m so privileged to to be able to try this new product, CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix from UNILAB before it hits the market and its TV commercial to be launched come October 16, 2011.

What is CarbTrim?

It is actually an Iced Tea Mix drink which contains white kidney bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris) extract that helps eliminate unwanted carbohydrates that may lead to fats.

Why CarbTrim?

Its main function is to block unwanted carbohydrates from your body and it prevents it from turning into fats! It is also called the “Carbo-blocker”. In simple term, it stops unwanted carbohydrates!

Flavors of CarbTrim?

As of now, it comes with 2 flavors: Apple and Lemon

When to Drink?

It is advised to drink this CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix BEFORE and DURING eating carbohydrates!

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix- Philippines

Examples of Carbohydrates:


Is this a weight loss product?

Definitely, NOT a weight loss product but it helps you in maintaining your CURRENT body size and PREVENTS you from getting any BIGGER!

But if you drink it coupled with a few exercises in a day, it’s possible, you will lose weight! That’s a guarantee! Of course, we should exercise to keep in shape and shed those excess fats away!

Effects of Drinking CarbTrim:

One thing for sure, it will “increase” the amount of waste you will excrete from your body. I personally, just maintained my regular “waste disposal” system. Some claimed, they got constipation. Others have sort of “diarrhea effect”. But it is said that experiencing this minor discomfort is NORMAL for the first few days of drinking it.

How Do I Rate  CarbTrim in terms of Satisfaction?

In a scale of 10, 10 as the highest satisfaction rate. I would say, 8 (that is my personal rating). You can try and check if it works for you.

How much does it cost?

Since, it’s not yet released in the market from this time of writing, I’m informed that it is around P100 to P150. Just a rough estimate though. One box contains 6 sachets of the CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix at 5 grams.

Product Trivia:

CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix is 100% Filipino-made product and is first released in the Philippines by UNILAB. It is manufactured for Myra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



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  1. mhelo Reply

    hi im mhelo..actualy nka 3boxes n ako ng carbtrim and once u take it paka2in k tlga but atfr that feling mo busog k lagi ta2mrin kn kumain un feling mo e masu2ka kn kpg kumian k uli…un ang efect nia s akin,kc nga mahiig tlgasko kumain ng kung ano ano …!maintain lng tlga nia un body size mo medyo malki kc ang tummy ko e hnd bumlik un dating body size ko aftr i gave birth…

  2. mhelo Reply

    for me nwa2lan ako ng gana kumain aftr i take super pka2in ako en then aftr that feling ko busog ako lagi..nk 3 boxes n nga ako…

  3. roda Reply

    hi have a good day
    tanong ko sana Kung Saan nakaka bili ng carbtrim?
    pls help me

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