this boy is a bottom



As I launch this new blog theme, I want to make sure that you will wear a smile after you’ve gone through it.

It took me a while to really come up with a revived blog! Making it a blast with its return.

Definitely, a big bang as a prelude to what you will be expecting on this personal queer blog in the next months to come.


Enjoy my sexylicious wish for you!


On the night when we looked for a very appropriate lively, fresh look for this site, my very good friend showed me a hilarious video entitled, BOY IS A BOTTOM. It doesn’t sound right, but yeah, it’s nothing new to me!

So, why don’t you turn on your speakers and check this video out?



Sorry Ms. Keys! That is one hell of a cover, oh shall I say, “colorful” mix!

Willam Belli and the gang butt cracks! Este, ROCKS! Hail the drag queens!


Hope you had a well-wasted time reading this blog post. Hahaha! Anyways, I just want to tease or tickle you. So, give me some love!




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I'm Queer and just love to share my views of how I look at life as well as sharing what I know to the world. Likewise, getting in touch to the happenings in the other parts of the globe. Let's get blogging!

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