Are you a Met tathione user?

I’ve been a met tahione user for a month already! And the effects are really “real”. And I’m taking it to the full. Don’t care if I consume all my money in the name of beauty! hahahahaha… so Are you?

BFAD APPROVED Registration Number – FR49758, Category- Food Supplement, Date Issued- November 23, 2004.

MET-TATHIONE – is used to help treat blood disorders, and detoxify the liver of heavy metals, toxins, and alcohol. It has a long history of being used by those exposed to radiation and chemotherapy during cancer therapies. IT helps to protect cells and tissues against oxidants. It is thought that MET-TATHIONE has anti-aging effects, and as we grow older, supplementing MET-TATHIONE can help prevent the levels from dropping.


Here’s more about Met tathione:

Dermatologists prescribe MET-TATHIONE for its only side effect: whitening of dark skin. People with darker skin tone report that taking MET-TATHIONE capsules along with vitamin C for three to six months or more actually lightens the color of their skin. This side effect varies from person to person and it assures to really whiten your skin in the shortest period of time for it has combined the main components for an active whitening result.

MET-TATHIONE – is a kind of GLUTATHIONE which is a small protein composed of 3 amino acids called cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, produced normally by the body in response to today’s environment such as pollution in the air we breathe, water we drink, chemicals & pesticides in the food we eat that cause damages in our cells & system.

MET-TATHIONE – is often referred to as Master Anti-oxidant in the body. a “small molecule made up of linked amino acids and anti-oxidant naturally produced in the body. It has been widely heralded for its importance for good health and long life, “the greater the exposure to toxins, the faster the body uses up its supply of glutathione. Without the protection of Glutathione, cells die at a faster rate, making people age quicker & putting them at risk for toxin induced diseases including cancer.” It is the most powerful anti-oxidant occurring naturally in all of 70-100 trillion cells that make up the human body. That is why it is called the master antioxidant (MA) the effectiveness of all other anti-oxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium. MET-TATHIONE should be taken together with Vitamin C to work properly.




· You will notice that you’re starting to look fairer and skin is glowing.

· Makes your skin smooth and rosy as a long-term result

· Heals dark spots cause by acne and prevents it from coming back

· Lips will become pinkish because the melanin pigments your lip will also decrease

· Underarms will lighten

· Bikini line will lighten

· Helps us to maintain clear vision and if you have blurred vision or cataract this will help your eyesight since the sclera of the eyes are also rich in Glutathione



– Master Anti-Oxidant

· Aging

· Dark Skin

· Cataracts

· Memory Loss ( Alzheimer’s Disease )

· Osteoarthritis

· Parkinson’s Disease

· Peptic Ulcer

· Alcohol Drinkers

· Low Sperm Count

· Liver Problem i.e. Hepatitis

· Chemotheraphy Recovery

· Atherosclerosis ( Heart Disease )

· Body Builders

· Anti-Cancer

· Anti-Ashma/ Allergies

· Boost Immune System

· Regulates Blood And Sugar Level


Is it effective?
Check out my photo in my ABOUT ME page. Works perfectly for me. It could be different for others.



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225 Responses to “Are you a Met tathione user?”

  1. janeyla17 Reply

    naubos ko yung 1 bottle, it contains 30 capsules and I’m also taking vitamin C because it helps daw to absorb the nutrients… unfortunately, walang nangyari sa skin ko..:(

    • Xerendipity Reply

      Maybe you are too exposed in the sun. Is your skin complexion super dark? Sometimes, you have to take if for like 3 to 6 mos.

      • joy Reply

        ive been using met for 30 days one capsule a day taken together with vit c. These past few days i felt discomfort on my stomach. I felt a burning sensation. Kinakabahan ako baka maging acidic ako.. Just would like to know lnag if meron rin bang nakakaranas nang preho sakin.. Thanx.. Pls help

      • iris suan Reply

        pwde va ako mg gamt ng whte lght sublingual spray whle im taking met capsule?

    • prinsesa01 Reply

      ako 1 month na ako gumamit ng met ok na ok talaga sya.. binilhan ko din un mommy ko nun.. pumuti ako at ngsmooth un skin ko.. continue mo lang sis.. kasi kpg mdyo dark skin ka ndi mo tlga mkita kagad un result.. ako kasi 4 times ako nainom s isa araw tpos dlawang vit c. kasi un friend ko ang puti na nya negra sya, kaya sinunod ko un sinabi nya skin kung pno… grabe puti na nya.. sbi ko nga sna lumabas sya s met na sya un result talaga,,, kaya lang nahihiya sya at ayaw nya sbhin na ngmet sya hehe… tsaka sbayan nyo ng kape 2 a day gnun ginagawa nya.. pti camatis daw… un lang share lang po! ang puti ko ngayon :)

      • Anna Reply

        Miss Tlga po bang Effective Ang MET? kase i want to try MET morena kase ako 😀
        Please reply po thanks po

      • Ela Reply

        Start palang ako gamit today ng MET, dapat daw 2 to 3 times a day, ako twice a day ako gagamit, sana kahit mag glow lang skin ko ok na, kahit hindi pumuti basta kuminis

    • Gee Reply

      If I’m not mistaken, kapag 30 caps di siya bottle parang resealable pack lang. Make it twice a day along with 2 tabs of vit c na tig 500 mg each. 1 month lang ako gumamit nyan glowing na then gaganda talaga balat mo (=

    • Silent25 Reply

      Actually 2 capsules ang requirment per dayincludingthe vitamin C sa morning with an empty stomach.I use. BELO glutathione and it doesn’t work for me 3 caps pa nga eh d naman nag effect pero itong met 30 caps palang effective talaga

  2. terimakasih Reply

    Hi…this week i started using met tathione….i wiill update what happening to my skin ….

  3. mariaoret82 Reply

    Hi! is MET over the counter drug? and how much po ito? And lastly, available ba ito sa mercury or watson’s? thanks!

    • pretty_ice Reply

      over the counter ang met… i bought mine bout 2600… available sya sa mercury and watson’s… wag kang bibili ng cheaper kasi minsan fake un.

    • pretty_ice Reply

      so far… wala ako nababasa or naririnig na bad effects.. wala din nmn ako nakikita sakin na bad effects.. drink more fluids lang..

      • Anna Reply

        Hmm Ask ko lang po miss Kung anong Vit c or what brand name ang Pwedeng Gamitin na Vit c? please reply thanks

  4. altheajane Reply

    Ngtry ako ng met 3mos n pero wlng nangyari ngttake ako 3x a day with vit c sad to say wlng nangyari,

    • pretty_ice Reply

      sabayan mo ng topical skin whitening products.. lalo na un may sun block.. religous dapat ang pag gamit… un kasi gnawa ko..

  5. pretty_ice Reply

    just delivered a healthy baby girl last january 8. brown complexion ako pero it worsen nun nagbuntis ako.. i started taking met last feb 10 same year… 3x a day along with vit c 500 mg. in just 2 weeks, may result na.. namumuti daw ako sabi ng husband ko.. then ngaun march, sabi ng cousin ko, bakit mas maputi daw ako sa kanya to consider na ang itim ko nun nabuntis ako at nun nagkita kami nun nanganak ako… bakit ganun?? sobra bilis ng effect sakin?? galing! til now nag met pa din ako.. nasanay na..

  6. angelo Reply

    It really works for me, expose kase ako dati sa sun kase lage ako nagbabasketball and then my frnd recommend a Mettathione im using for 3mons. with vit c and it really works for me my skin become fair and smooth ammd my lips turning pinkish tlga, hnd naman ako kaitiman dati, mkkta mo talaga ang effect kung medyo maputi ka naman at ngaun im continue to used. Even men deserved a fair skin :)

    • vincent Reply

      i been using metathione since 2010 and until now, nag met padin ako, my cheeks are pinkish and my skin really glows even in the dark, sabi ng mga friends ko, pwede na daw ako gawing ilaw. hehehehhe met also changes ur life, kasi dati i feel so hopeless with my pimples, but now, dami nag aask sa akin, ano daw secret ko bakit ang kinis ng mukha ko. sabi ko sa kanila eat fruits lang. ayoko kasi aminin na met gamit ko, try nyu po met really works for ur skin and inside n ur body. sabayan nyu din ng vit C at l-cysteine.

      • TRISHA CLAIRE Reply

        WOW…tlga ang ganda nman NG EFFECT SAU..NAKAKa encourage.. PANU MU ISASABAY ang l-CYSTEINE SA Daily routine mu na PAG INOM? PLEASE Give me advice…

      • Anna Reply

        Tlga? its really effective? and anong Vit c ang pinagsasabay mo? Please Reply thanks po

      • Gee Reply

        Yes me too! Nawala pimple marks ko jan tsaka parang maffeel mo na head turner ka kasi nga sa fair skin. Now I’m using Belo so far it sucks hahaha dami kasing ingredients kaya parang nawala na potency ng Gluta

      • kim Reply

        kelangan po ba talaga kapag gagamit ka ng met kelangan may kasabay na vit.c? and ok lang po ba kng ascorbic acid ang vit. na gagamitin?

  7. ms.Enaira Reply

    hi po.. i just started using met a couple days pro lge me ngkaka headache pti sikmura ko sumasakit normal lng po ba un? i take 2 caps a day with vit.c im using poteen cee. please po need ng answer thank you:)

  8. hazel gavi Reply

    like ko din mag met… anong brand po ng vitamin c ang pwd ko isabay? please help me…thanks!

  9. Anna Reply

    Hello im anna Ask ko lang po pano po pag sabayin i take ang met and Vit c?
    and its really effective ba talaga? because i want to try MET
    Please Reply po Thanks

  10. chef kate Reply

    Im starting using met… Im have a verry high ESR RATE OR SED RATE due to my fibromyalgia similar as lupus.. I got 74sedrate normal is 29. Im so sick to take my medication… I decided to take MET 2 times a day with cecin. After 4days wow my sedrate goes down to 46 not so bad… I hope it really helps me….

  11. darna Reply

    hi po. ask ko lang kung mag kaiba ba ang effect kung sakaling generic ung bibilin?? heheheh and how much kaya?? thanks!

    • Xerendipity Reply

      I used a generic one before…same effect lang naman…that’s for me…our body chemistry is different and it depends on how we react with chemicals and the like.

      • JOAN Reply


  12. jennifer Reply

    i usually take met for only 1wk. and nkkaramdam tlga aku ng kunting skit ng ulo at pagsi2kmura sa tiyan .. natural lng ba ito ??

  13. Kath Reply

    Hi I’m Kath, I started using MET last sunday lang. 2 capsules a day +500mg vit c. Nakakaputi pala talaga kahit oral intake lng and walang IV? Thanks!

  14. Mommy Jo Reply

    …hi there I wanna try MET kaso kaka start ko lang ng ibang GLUTA pills, ok lang bang pag kaubos ng pills ko MET ang ipalit ko?

    • Xerendipity Reply

      Yes, that’s ok.

      Maybe you just need to wait for 2 weeks before trying out met to make sure the old one you’re taking will be flushed out from your system.

  15. melanie Reply

    if mag take k ng met kailangan pa bang mg consult ka s dermatologist?kng ok sau ung met?

  16. melanie Reply

    kc gusto ko itry kaso natatakot ako sbi nila pag magtake k ng met or gluta e may side effect dw sa health pls advice nmn s nagtatake na..

  17. Rafaela Reply

    Hello paano pag-inom ng met, diba kasi 2x pwede all at once? Or like morning tas afternoon naman sunod? :)

    • Belleloves Reply

      Yes po. Sabi pag na achieve m na ung gusto kong kulay, continue padin kaht once a day nalang :)

  18. Belleloves Reply

    Hello. Nag take ako ng met. Pero lumabas lalo mga pimples ko. Normal lang ba un?

    • Xerendipity Reply

      I think you should watch your diet first. I don’t usually have pimples or never tried pimple breakouts my entire life, so I can’t say it’s one of the effects. Because the side effects of taking in glutathione is it makes your skin clearer. I’m not sure if clearer means whiter. Our body is actually producing glutathione naman. What we intake is actually a booster lang talaga so it depends on any person.

      For me, it works…been taking it for like 2 or almost 3 years na…I like the effect kasi it makes me glow.

    • jessa Reply

      I think ur just detoxifying… ???????????????? if our body detoxity lumalabas lahat ng toxins in our body in any form.. like for example acne, headache,… its kasi nga gusto ilabas ng nody natin lahat ng toxins… so just wait kalang until mawala… :-)

  19. Bianca Reply

    Hi im using met almost 1month nd nit sure if i already see the result because light skin nko how to be sure if it realy effect on skin?

    • Xerendipity Reply

      Do you feel the glow on your face? Has your skin becomes smoother? Are you feeling good inside? That could be the effect.

  20. Bianca Reply

    Bfore 2wce a day wit vit c 500mg now 3x na nkkwhite po b tlga met take po b to bfore meal or after

    • Xerendipity Reply

      I take 1 capsule 10 mins before eating my breakfast. Take vitamin C right after breakfast. And another capsule before going to bed.

  21. Lei Reply

    Hi,ask ko lng po,i just started althea pills,and I want to try met,nagka breakouts kc aq sa belo. Ok lng ba na mag take aq ng met while taking althea pills as contraceptive din kc. Hope to get a reply,thanks..

  22. Arcee Udasco Reply

    Hi im starting takng Met at sobra akung naging desidido i maintain sya although la p nmn effect but n inspird aku s mga nbsa k at effect slamt it helps a lot.

    • Xerendipity Reply

      The New Met tathione has new components and ingredients already. I’ve been a met user for like 2 years now. So far, maganda talaga ang effect especially if you eat fruits and vegetables everyday in all your meals. And you have to exercise talaga. 30 minutes to an hour everyday will be very enough to keep you skin naturally glowing. And always have enough sleep like 6 to 8 hours! Keep a healthy and balance lifestyle. that’s the key!!!

      • HELEN JIMENEZ Reply

        tama po talga kau i been using met for almost 6 monts ang ganda ng effect im 47 and dami ngsabi bumata ako n super puti thanks to met

      • Khaye Reply

        Please nmn po XERENDIPITY halos lht po ng comment n binasa ko eh ngttnung kung anung vit.C ang pinaka da best pra sa Met tulad ng gamit mung vit.C bka nmn pwede mung i share????

  23. weng Reply

    I am doing research about glutathione. And I myself want to buy some oral gluta, so I decided na icheck lahat ng reviews about glutathione brands. So far marami akong nakitang good reviews about MET. Pero it does not mean na hiyang sa lahat eto. Kaya yung iba mabilisan ang resulta, yung iba 2 months wala pa ding epekto. It is because hiyang ang iba. At mahalaga ang skin tone ng tao. Ang taong medyo yellowish to brownish ang take nila ng gluta ay 1 to 3 months. Ang mga medyo dark brown 3 to 5 moths. Ang mga dark skinned 1 to 2 years. Try to be patient lng, makikita nyo din ang resulta. Or ibang brand na lang ang gamitin nyo if you’re not happy with it.

  24. jayne Reply

    hi, gusto me talaga mg met, i have to know what is the actual price ang met…wud d help me pls?thnx

  25. Isay Reply

    Hi, brand ba yung metathione? Yung binibili mo, ilang mg sya per capsule? 250 ba or 500? Can you post a pic of the container? Sorry dami kong tanong. Thank you! Gusto ko kasi itry

  26. Ran Reply


    I’ve red your met benefits above, and one mention is low sperm count.

    What about that? Just wondering if it can cause impotency..


  27. juztine Reply

    ask ko lang kung talaga pong nkkapayat ung product na to? gsto ko po kc xa itry kaso payat ako inaalala ko baka lalo po akong pmyat pag nag take na po ako nito.

  28. zaira Reply

    2weeks na akong gumagamit ng met pero wala pa ding pagbabago sa skin ko :(

  29. hihello Reply

    hello po 2x a day ako umiinom ng met tapos 1 vit.c. kaso wala pa ding effect sakin. 2weeks na akong umiinom

    • Xerendipity Reply

      It varies per person. If you are mejo dark talaga, it takes like 6 months. If you’re like fair-skinned, 2 to 3 months. Since you’ve just using it for 2 weeks. Give it more time.

  30. whitewave Reply

    hi there! :-) i’ve read all your comments.. i do plan to try met tathione coz i am also vain in my skin complexion… i am not morena neither mestiza.. i just got fair skin, but everytime it’s summer and i get to the beach, swimming pools and under sun exposure i easily get dark skin and takes longer time to have my fair skin back… i’ll post my comments here after i try met in a month to further spread good news i’d get from trying this whitening pill…

  31. CuriousGuy Reply

    Hi! I’m taking met met for almost 2 weeks. Twice a day with vit c. Ask ko lang po kung twice a day din yung Vitamin c? Baka kasi once a day lang vit c. Thanks!

  32. Joan Reply

    Hi! I’m using MET 1week na. Lagi sumasakit ulo ko :( Side effect po ba ito?

  33. Weng Reply

    Ask ko lang if ok lang ba na mag take ng MET ang may problem sa heart like, heart enlargment or nagbabara ang puso at ang may gall stone? Thanks.

  34. mica Reply

    gusto ko rin mag try ng met… kaso nag tratrabahu ako in the field… 4days in a week akung nag tratrabahu sa field….. naiinitan akung tuwing bumabyahe ako sakay ng motor, pwedi kaya yon?

  35. Kate Reply

    Hello, good day!
    I am curious about met, gus2 ko matry kasi ang mga nag update most of them got positive results.
    Tanong ko lng po ok lng bah mag take ng met kahit gumagamit ka ng pills(birthcontrol pills)?
    please reply.. Thanks ^_^

  36. Kate Reply

    Hello, Good day!
    I am curious about met, kasi napansin ko dami nag update sa kanilang results and most of them are positive. Gsto ko lang po itanong kasi I am taking birth control pills, Ok lang po bang mag take ng met habang gumagamit ako ng control pills? Please reply! thanks ^_^

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